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How To Take More Style Risks

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

We all have a dream version of ourselves in our minds, a visualization of the person we aspire to be. It isn't hard to imagine our dream self but being that person is a little more difficult. Our style is deeply tied to our sense of self and who we project to the world and so often we fall a little short in stepping out loud and proud in all of our confident glory. We trip up right before we rise because taking any risk is scary as hell, even if that risk is as simple or silly as wearing an outlandish, yet fabulous hat, a backless dress or a crazy pair of shoes.

Here are some simple ways to dig yourself out of the self doubt gutter and start taking more risks to bring yourself closer to projecting the true, creative you...

The 7 Day Challenge

This is a fun, albeit, scary adventure to walk into but it will jolt you out of sleepy resignation and into confident action. For 7 days you must wear 1 item which you are a little afraid of. This might be a huge ring, a head scarf, a tulle skirt, a crop top. Whatever you can discover hiding in your wardrobe which freaks you out, even just a little, put that item into action. There is something about being on a conscious "challenge" that will armor you with the confidence to try this and keep you on track. Come on, 7 days, 7 wild items, you got this...

Let Someone Else Dress You

This is a biggie because you are literally handing over the reigns to someone else but this is why it is so important - true freedom comes from giving zero f's and you will be forced into this mentality when someone else is in the drivers seat. Whatever this person, whether partner, sister, friend or even you child, selects, you must wear for a full day. See how it feels to be someone else, feel the sweet liberation in disassociation with your safe image. I will be doing this for an upcoming post " I Let My Son Dress Me For A Week"...stay tuned, it could be a hilarious disaster or he may actually prove himself a mini fassshun master. Watch this space!

Pick A Character

We usually shop for ourselves, as we are, or our goal self but rarely do we shop with a character in mind. Picture someone you admire, someone who inspires you with their sense of self, their style and their vibe and pretend to be this person. Dress as they would. Think as they would. Behave as they would. What is fashion if not character play? Practicing this concept does not mean you lose your sense of style or self but rather it brings you closer towards these things by allowing you to explore the character traits you look up to and admire.

Cull & Create

Get rid of anything you have which is sitting there because it is safe. If you wear it often and love it, that is fine, keep it, but if this item reminds you of years past and someone you used to be, there is nothing to be gained from holding onto it. The idea is to look and move forward, no regret or nostalgia allowed. Now time to create. Literally. Start sewing, twisting, knotting, beading, get creative with your wardrobe. Use belts, scarves and whatever you can find to reshape and re-imagine your clothing as they are. It is amazing what a simple change in silhouette can do. Tie your maxi skirt on one side to create shape and show some leg. Belt the waist on your slip dress, pull through the fabric then allow it to drape softly over the waist. Voila, a whole new look.

Go Makeup Free, Shoeless, "Inappropriate" and Carefree

Commit to a day and mark it in your calendar under "giving zero f's" in which you don't do a single thing you usually do when leaving the house. Drop that mask. Get up, don't touch your hair, don't touch your face, even leave your shoes behind if you like. go get a coffee at your favourite cafe or go to the shops and see how free you feel. You might feel naked, embarrassed, weird, out of character, but you will be forced to embrace yourself exactly as you are. Intentionally go somewhere that you are likely to bump into someone you know, whether this leaves you red faced or not, you will have no where to hide and you will realise the world won't cave in. You are perfect just as you are. The fashion and style you express every day should be fun, it should not be a mask to hide behind.

Wild cards make the world go around, we don't need more of the same, we need more quirk and crazy out there. Now go get your risk on!


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