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Moving house is a big financial commitment & can easily blow out your budget if you’re not careful! I've moved house so many times I could write a thesis on it. I've done this the expensive way (I checked in so much extra baggage with Jetstar on my move up to the Gold Coast that I should have just booked in a Removalist...rookie mistake ha!). I've also moved on a very tight budget, purchased more second hand furniture than I can count and discovered how to get away with relocating without spending more than my weekly wage. Long story short, I've done it every which way possible and along the way I've learned a thing or two.

Here are my top tips for saving money during a move...

Hire Boxes

Instead of buying your moving boxes, try hiring them instead. Not only is it cheaper, it’s better for the environment & you don’t need to worry about throwing them out at the end of the move.

While it might be tempting to buy cheap boxes or re-use boxes from the supermarket, they aren’t as strong as moving boxes and your items could get damaged or broken during your move.

Hire Professional Removalists

While this might not seem like you are saving money, you might be surprised how affordable professional removalists are. They do this for a living so are more efficient, work as a team & are less likely to break things. Plus, you don’t need to worry about hiring a truck and trolley and relying on friends and family.

Avoid the cheaper removalists who often use backpackers & can end up taking longer which will cost you more. Instead look for a mid-range priced removalist who has good customer reviews and can give you a quote so you can work it into your budget.

Pack Everything in Boxes

Pack as much as you can into moving boxes so the removalists can stack them, taking a few out of a time which will reduce the time spent moving. Make sure you fill the boxes up (otherwise they can’t be stacked) and don’t make them too heavy.

Minimize Your Stuff

Don’t waste money moving things you don’t need or want. So before you start packing, go through your entire house & get rid of anything you don’t want to take with you.

For the items you no longer want, put them into three categories; trash, donate & sell.

Many local councils provide a free kerbside rubbish collection, which will save you on tip fees if you have a lot of bigger trash items.

If you are just donating clothes, drop them into a local charity donation bin or if you are donating furniture, call & organise a pick-up.

Make a little bit of extra cash to help fund your move by selling your items, either by having a garage sale, market stall or sell online using eBay or Gumtree.


Create a budget so you can gauge how much it will cost you to move so you aren't in for a shock at the end.

Factor in removalists costs, moving supplies, rental bond plus 2 weeks rent in advance, utility connections and mail re-directions.

Set aside a bit of extra money just in case of any unforeseen expenses.

Cook from your fridge

Before you move, create meals from what is in your fridge and pantry. You'll save money on buying groceries, avoid wasting food and won't have to pay someone to move the food to your new home (especially if it's food you've had forever and not likely to use).

Get Your Bond Back

If you are renting, make sure you get your entire bond back by leaving your home in the same condition that you moved it. If you can’t afford professional cleaners, do it yourself with cleaning supplies and hire a carpet steam cleaning machine. Don’t forget to patch up any marks or holes in the walls & wash windows, clean the oven and wipe down cupboards.

Written in conjunction with Alex Jones on behalf of the Sydney Removal Company, Hire A Mover

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