The Eyewear Name Changing The Game

Up until last week I had never had an eye test. My eyes have never had any issues and, touch wood, I don't think I will need glasses until I am well into my 60's like both my parents. I should give my dad a shout out, always the peter pan of the family, he refused to submit to his optical ailment which hit in his 50's and would quite literally use a magnifying glass to read - he even whipped out the magnifying glass at restaurants just to browse the menu. True story. Anyway, as I was saying...I don't have trouble seeing anything but if I am 100% honest I sometimes wish I needed glasses just so I could have fun with the geek chic look. I once purchased a pair of display frames then had to explain to the counter staff that I wanted to keep the plastic rather than get lenses then made up some excuse as to why but still they looked at me like I was mad. Maybe I am. Blame it on the farssshun baby.

a few weeks ago I was invited by Oscar Wylee, (Canberra's hottest new optometry and sunglasses retailer in the Canberra Centre!) to have an eye test and check out some of the sunglasses in store while I was there. The minute I walked in I felt like a kid in a candy store. Some fashion lovers have a thing for handbags, others die for shoes, my weakness has always been sunglasses. I. Love. Them. I have well over 20 pairs and I don't intend on stopping that stash from growing anytime soon.