What I Learned at the Young Women of Adversity Event

On Sunday I stood up in front of a room of 160 people to tell my story along with a bunch of other women from all walks of life with very varied experiences. I left the event feeling liberated, emotional, inspired and intent on continuing to spread goodness in the world in any way I can. I don't believe I am unique or special or anything out of the ordinary, I was pinching myself a little bit looking around the table at the other speakers and panelists, it felt like such an honor to be in their company. I can say one thing about myself and that is the pride I have in my determination to right the wrongs I see around me, to call out bullshit, to come down hard on what I see as unacceptable. This can be environmental, political, social, whatever it may be, I am passionate about standing up against things which I see as harmful, hurtful or destructive. I was able to do this on Sunday in a way that, I hope, touched the crowd and which I hope left an impression on someone who may be battling the same demons I once did.

Sharing my story of domestic abuse was difficult, not because I find it too painful to relive it, I actually find it somehow therapeutic, but because I know how common it is and that breaks my heart. It is a silent epidemic, at least it was, but I have seen a huge difference in the way this issue is perceived and understood in the last couple of years which gives me so much hope.