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We all have too many tabs open at once and the multi tasking myth that we can manage a handful of tasks simultaneously is a stress in and of itself - if we don't handle this juggle we feel like a failure because, hey, everyone else can multi task right? I say, wrong! For most of us, if we can't physically see something we tend to forget about it and so rather than managing various things at once we are actually ignoring 99% of them and just doing the thing right in front of us. It's amazing how quickly our mind can go from "om, important, keep mental note, you must remember that" to..."shiny, bright, new, coffee, Christmas, yay"...

Writing things in a diary can be useful but can be a case of out of sight, out of mind. The Justick has completely solved this predicament. It is a visual and functional board onto which you can stick anything important smack bang in front of your face on any wall in your house. The Justick Board is " the little assistant to organise every household" - it offers a place to store all of the important things in one simple, stylish and effective place.

The Justick uses electro adhesion technology which allows photos, notes, invitations and other items to be easily fixed to the board without the use of pins, tape or magnets. The clear dry-ease overlay also acts as a white board so anything can be written on top and then easily rubbed off. This premium surface doesn't stain or ghost and allows you to create something beautiful which is also completely functional. Whether you run a busy family, business or just want a place to store visual inspiration, the Justick is a household essential.

There are dozens of different ways to use the Justick, from to-do lists, to a calendar, a place for important bills or even a goal tracker, it can be anything you want it to be. I am using my Justick as a mood board in my office because I enjoy nothing more than decorating my office and collecting imagery which inspires me. Beautiful images motivate me and encourage my creativity and confidence. The best thing about the Justick is that it allows me to change and continually evolve the mood board to plan for upcoming shoots and projects or just to reflect my general vibe at the time, it is so simple to remove or add something.

Studies have shown imagery can have a positive impact on stress reduction and assists us in confidence building with the constant repetition of positive self talk, pictures and words having great mental health benefits. The Justick is the perfect tool for this and I think I might invest in another one because I love it so much. Gone are the days of the messy corkboard, I am sticking with my Justick...pun intended!

I have used the Justick Mini here which comes in black or white. Click here to take a look at the Justick Mini or other Justick products.

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