How To Choose The Right Car For YOU!

Purchasing a car is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make aside from entering the property market. It can be overwhelming knowing what to look for and working out whether your budget, financial options and lifestyle match the car of your dreams. Cars range from the low thousands into the millions, in fact the most expensive car ever sold went for 8.7 million (a 1931 Bugatti!) and while most of us wouldn't ever spend one tenth of that amount on a car, it is still a huge financial decision and one you need to be equipped for.

I've been a car lover ever since I was little - my dad drove rally cars throughout my early years and my brother got into rallying too, my mum even took to the navigators seat for him a few times before realising it probably wasn't for her! Growing up, car talk was nothing new, our backyard sometimes looked a bit like a car yard and I have always absolutely loved my time on the road. For me, driving means freedom and adventure; two things which I value immensely. My time in my car is my "me time" and I think lots of people feel the same way.