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Over the weekend I took a trip up to Corrimal Beach and had an amazing time relaxing, soaking up the sun and falling in love with this gorgeous little spot all over again after my last visit two years ago. I also had a blast styling some new swimwear by Lil and Emm!

I collect swimwear with the same passion I once collected coins...yep, I was one geeky little child, still am just as geeky if I am honest but aren't we all? Some thing just grab us and for me, anything ocean related does just that. I love beach towels, bohemian jewellery, canvas tote bags, tie string bikinis, one pieces...anything which belongs on the sand belongs in my heart.

I am really enjoying the journey of getting older because it is leading me towards a confidence I never had - it is a gentle recognition of my limitations, an acceptance of all that I am, both good and bad, and a self love which is near impossible to grasp in the younger years. I feel this shift most when I am by the ocean as memories of my younger days creep into my mind, the panic I felt when walking down towards the ocean feeling painfully self conscious, the worry about cellulite or my tummy or freckles, or anything else I thought needed changing. I no longer feel that. I now feel comfortable, free and relaxed at the beach. Getting older is magical, despite what we are told. Realising now how much time I wasted hating my body and criticizing myself breaks my heart because that is time I can't have back but I am determined to remain free from that now and make up for the lost time. Nothing makes me happier than days on the beach and being in the sea, nothing else matters when I am in this moment.

This summer I am going to have a little more fun with my swimwear by embracing colours, prints and shapes I might usually swipe past in my constant quest for black, whites and neutrals. I am also going to avoid feeling the need to hide anything - no disguising the mum tum or covering my big booty, I am owning it! To help me on my way, I took a couple of bikinis by Lil & Emm away with me over the weekend and had a damn great time on the beach in their fun, bright pieces from their Summer Romance collection.

I love this bandeau top and tie string bikini bottoms. The print is fun poppy but still soft and feminine, The top fits perfect which is rare for a strapless bikini, no coming off under those waves. That never happens! I love the 70's vibe of this bikini, it feels slightly retro and I feel completely myself in these pieces.

This cobalt blue set is more sporty than the bandeau which is great for active days or walks down the beach - I love the freedom and support of a well structured bikini because when I am away I still like to get my workout in even if it means running up and down the sand dunes. The back detail is fun and the bright colour feels bold, clean and modern.

Lil and Emm have a special place in my heart because they are born and raised Canberra girls who I have known about for years but only recently got to know better after inviting them to speak at one of my Style Workshops and was so inspired when Emma spoke about their journey and the friendship between her and Sheree. Lil and Emm have since gone on to show at New York Fashion Week and expanded their swimwear label to include intimates.

I can't wait to see whats in store for these two beautiful babes as they continue to grow and release more gorgeous pieces because if they are anything like the ones above, I will take em all! You can follow Lil & Emm on instagram here or head over to their page and get browsing here. x

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