Beach Style With Lil & Emm

Over the weekend I took a trip up to Corrimal Beach and had an amazing time relaxing, soaking up the sun and falling in love with this gorgeous little spot all over again after my last visit two years ago. I also had a blast styling some new swimwear by Lil and Emm!

I collect swimwear with the same passion I once collected coins...yep, I was one geeky little child, still am just as geeky if I am honest but aren't we all? Some thing just grab us and for me, anything ocean related does just that. I love beach towels, bohemian jewellery, canvas tote bags, tie string bikinis, one pieces...anything which belongs on the sand belongs in my heart.

I am really enjoying the journey of getting older because it is leading me towards a confidence I never had - it is a gentle recognition of my limitations, an acceptance of all that I am, both good and bad, and a self love which is near impossible to grasp in the younger years. I feel this shift most when I am by the ocean as memories of my younger days creep into my mind, the panic I felt when walking down towards the ocean feeling painfully self conscious, the worry about cellulite or my tummy o