6 Common Style Errors & How To Fix Them

Styling clients over the years has provided me with some unexpected and interesting insights into the way women see themselves and the barriers standing in the way of confidence, happiness and self acceptance. I've been witness to some emotional and enlightening moments during the transformation process of personal styling and this is because I often work with women at their most vulnerable - following a break up, new job, increase or decrease in weight, a new baby or big life change. I've seen people laugh, cry, berate themselves, celebrate themselves and everything in between which really proves how transformative clothing can be and how deeply tied our image is to our sense of self. The same way we carry our experiences, personality and feelings on our face, we also do with our clothing choices. It is easy to spot the person who feels comfortable and confident in their fashion choices as opposed to those who look unsure, uncomfortable or uneasy. When the outside matches the inside and the bow of confidence is tied, everything flows in unison and style shines.

Along my journey into personal styling I have discovered the road blocks and errors holding women back - personal styling is about narrowing in on these issues and setting someone free into the world of self love and creative expression.

Here is what I have learned in dissolving the walls which are holding wome