Top 5 Styling Tips For Selling

When it comes to selling your home, you want to achieve the best sales price possible. Buyers will pay more for a property that looks clean, updated, well maintained and ready to move into.

Here are my top 5 tips for styling your home to achieve the best sales result for your property...

First Impressions Count

You only get one shot at a first impression and many buyers will judge the inside of your house by the outside.

Remove any junk, pressure wash any concrete, weed your garden, mow your lawn and make sure your roof and windows are clean and spider-web free.

If the front of your home is looking a bit tired and your budget allows, think about having the exterior repainted. Otherwise just painting the fence, front, garage and adding a shiny, new letterbox will have a big impact. Add a pop of colour with some flowering plants, if you don’t want to invest in planting, you can always put them in pots that you can take with you.

Don’t forget to check that your outside lights are bright enough and working, just in case a buyer decides to drive past at night.

Repair and Clean

Take care of any minor repairs such as scratches or cracks on the walls or floors, fix any leaking taps, and make sure that all your light bulbs are working. Consider getting experts in to clean your entire home from top to bottom including windows, window dressings, grout, shower screens, appliances and inside all cupboards and drawers. If your carpet is still in great condition, get it steam cleaned otherwise think about replacing it if it’s stained or not in good condition.

Clear the Clutter

Don’t underestimate the difference that simplifying and de-personalising a space can make. You want potential buyers to be able to imagine themselves and their items in your home, so remove any personal photos and only keep a few key decorative items.

Get rid of anything that you no longer need; for items still in good condition, either donate to charity or have a garage sale. Send the rest of the items to the tip. For everything else, pack it into some strong boxes (so your items are protected) and put into storage. This also goes for out of season clothing, toys and any extra furniture that makes the house look cluttered. Just keep the key pieces of furniture in each room.

Buyers will check inside wardrobes, cupboards and drawers so make sure these are all cleared out and only contain a few items.

Stick to Neutrals

Freshen up the inside of your home and invest in some light, fresh, neutral coloured paint which will make the space seem bigger. Not only will it make your home appeal to a larger amount of buyers, it’s also likely to increase the sale price. Colours such as light grey or light greige (grey-beige) work well otherwise you can’t go wrong with a crisp white.


Adding small touches around the house can help it look more luxurious and appealing. Flowers and plants are one of the easiest ways to a finishing touch to your home. Avoid brightly coloured flowers and instead stick to light coloured flowers like peonies, orchids or hydrangeas. Large plants such as a fiddle-leaf fig, bird of paradise or palm tree will create drama and interest to a room.

Use floor and table lamps around the home to brighten up any dark areas and to highlight and enhance the space. Use warm white globes and make sure they are all turned on for the inspection. In the living room add some plump, mismatched cushions in complementary colours and patterns to the lounge and then drape over a soft throw. Don’t leave your coffee table bare, instead artfully group some items together like coffee table books, a candle and a vase of fresh flowers.

Put fresh, new linen on the beds and don’t forget to iron out any wrinkles and add some interest with European pillows, and 3 or 5 decorative cushions. Nothing looks better than a stack of new, white fluffy towels in a bathroom along with some boutique bath products and some fresh flowers to give that feeling of luxury.

Keep the counters cleared in the kitchen apart from a bowl of lemons or limes and a pot of freshly brewed coffee and some pastries on open day. Creating a warm, homely, fresh and inviting vibe is key to turning potential buyers into potential bidders!

By Alex Jones, Sydney Packing & Removalist Company

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