1 Pair Of Jeans 7 Ways With Fashionably Numb Australia

Fashionably Numb is a sustainable fashion event created to steer us away from fast fashion and to encourage us to re-think the way we shop, dress and consume. I heard about Fashionably Numb from local stylist, Sofia Polak, and knew this was something I wanted to get behind. I decided to give the "1 item for 7 days" challenge a go to show you how that it is possible to style a repeat item in dozens different ways. I wanted to use this challenge to prove that less can be more and with a little creativity, it is possible to style on a budget and get the most out of your existing wardrobe.

The item I decided to repeat for 7 days is this pair of cropped skinny jeans which I love and feel completely comfortable in. Take a look below at how I went over the 7 (6 actually, one day in the middle I wore my gym clothes all day because I was running a million errands, smashed my phone, spent half my life at Telstra and Apple and didn't make it home to get changed!)....so here it is, hah, 6 days/1 item...

Day 1

This top makes a statement with its shape but it is still clean and minimalist, perfect for a Monday morning. The bold sleeve and shoulder adds some drama to these otherwise simple and casual jeans. I added a pop of colour with this vintage clutch and a little fun with the reflective shades. This look is fresh, fun and clean.

Day 2

I love pairing denim with denim, this time going for my favourite rose patch work jacket. A red lip dresses this up and a top knot adds some ease to the heavy denim pieces. The white shirt is perfect against the faded denim tones.

Day 3

This is an easy weekend look - jeans, a basic tee and sneakers. The sunglasses add a touch of fashion to the otherwise simple, "normcore" look.

Day 4

I paired my favourite vintage shirt with these jeans to create a tonal colour palette with the blues going really well together. I added some height (lord knows I need it. 5'3 girls holla at me hah) with these cage heels and a simple black clutch. This look is perfect for my Monday meetings and getting all of my professional duties out of the way which is always at the beginning of the week, but Thursday I am back in sneakers or flats running around with my son.

Day 5

I can't go past a bold floral right now, teamed with a red lip to make it pop it says bright, fun, fresh and spring. This little off-shoulder piece features soft tones and details which work back really well with the neutral shade of the hat. The distressed rip in the knee of the denim avoids this looking too girly which is a non negotiable for me! Simple flats keep it casual and effortless.

Day 6

Adding some texture and an interesting shape dresses up the jeans really nicely. This top is covered in embroidered flowers and the peplum shade adds just the right amount of interest to create a unique silhouette. I kept the shoes and bag simple to emphasis the top as the standout piece.

So there you have it...the same pair of jeans styled 6 different ways over 6 different days. Less is absolutely more and it really isn't too difficult to change up an outfit with just one or two elements which can be vintage, recycled or ethically produced. I hope I have inspired you to get creative with your wardrobe and get the most out of an item you already own rather than feeling the need to over purchase. I am incredibly passionate about vintage shopping, recycling, the environment and re-thinking the way we live. Fast fashion is having a devastating effect on our beautiful world. I am really worried and rather ashamed at myself for not being more consumer aware and educated on ethical and environmentally sustainable clothing production because I consider myself a passionate greenie who lives for the natural world and it saddens me to be part of an industry which is so destructive. I am inspired by the changes which are happening and I want to be part of the movement to clean up this absolute mess. I often think we don't deserve mother nature but we have the power to push for change, to push for good, to push for what is right.

I started this 7 day challenge when I was informed about the Fashionably Numb which is coming to Canberra as part of the Design Canberra event on November 11th. Fashionably Numb aims to shift our consciousness towards the devastating effect the fashion industry is having around the globe. This not for profit event aims to educate and inspire us to change the way we approach our fashion consumption and will challenge us to face the uncomfortable realities of the industry while equipping us with the knowledge to make better choices. For tickets to this incredibly important event, click here. I encourage everyone to get behind this event, sadly I will be away for an early Christmas with my family but I will be following this closely while I am away and checking in with my fellow bloggers and fashion community on this because I think this message is vital to all of us and needs to be shared 100 million times over.

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