Fashfest 2017 Night 1 - What I Wore

Prior to Fashfest this year I read an article by the amazing Leiden Magazine which really resonated with me - it expressed the view point I firmly believe in which is that an event should not alter your style, force a new purchase or be a reason to deviate from who you are. Basically, it said "don't give a f"! and I am all about that. I have not purchased a single new item for Fashfest this year and I had no idea what I was wearing until about an hour beforehand. To me, style and fashion are about mood, self expression and creativity rather than fitting in, over planning and going straight for new, new, new.

I took along a good friend of mine to Fashfest this year and we had some serious laughs over a smashed champagne glass on the runway (ops!), a lost ring, going a little overboard on Donapaes' (donut canapes') and just generally being the lighthearted idiots that we are. I caught up with some beautiful friends, new and old, and that was definitely the highlight for me. I also really enjoyed seeing the beautiful collection by Gehrich who I did a piece on earlier this week as well as and the Raw collections featuring Bird Skin who I also featured on here yesterday. You can read both of those interviews here!

Now onto what I wore...

This dress was given to me by my sister and I played with the shape but bunching and draping it to create a shorter length at the front to balance out the volume. I added my favourite, not to mention most comfortable, cage heels, a vintage cuff, loads of silver rings, a DIY velvet choker and a silk navy blazer. Pyjama dressing is just about my favourite thing ever, seriously considering finding some Victoria Beckham-esque oversized pants to go all out on the look.

My main goal when dressing, whether for an event or day to day, is to feel like me, to be a little different, to avoid being overly girly and have a little edge. I don't feel comfortable without some darkness, or something a little tough to tone down the femininity because the tom-boy in me always pulls me back. I don't consider myself a massive risk taker and I hail those who are (oh how you inspire me!) but I do consider myself someone who dresses a little differently, someone who doesn't equate money to style and someone who believes we should all be who we are. Wear what you love and be comfortable, that is in my opinion, the essence of style.


Dress - Premonition

Jacket - Vintage

Shoes - London Rebel

Clutch - Vintage

Cuff & Rings - Vintage

Choker - Made by me

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