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Q&A With Birdskin - Showing at Fashfest 2017!

Bird Skin has been one of the hottest names on everyone's lips with the approach of Fashfest 2017 and it isn't hard to see why. This label is beautifully detailed, unique and breathtakingly textural. The time to create just one piece is mind boggling, with the depth, texture, colour and concept lifting this label to couture levels and promising to be the one-to-watch as we take our seats at Fashfest this year.

To find out more about this exciting collection, I delved a little deeper into all that is Bird Skin with a quick Q&A and I get a sense that this label will be landing on the Australian Fashion map in a big, big way following their debut at this space!

Bird Skin Fashfest 2017

How did the concept for Bird Skin come about?

When we decided to create Bird Skin, there was no unifying theme or business strategy in our heads. We just wanted to create exciting clothes that would make people smile.

The concept behind the Bird Skin name is encouraging your authentic self to shine through. When you envision stripping a bird of its feathers, you start to see that all birds are pretty much the same underneath. Once we recognize that as human beings, we’re all the same with no one person being any better than the next, that’s when we find the freedom to represent ourselves in any way we choose. In a sense, Bird Skin is about us choosing our own unique ‘feathers’ if you will. All it takes is a bit of confidence!

Where do you draw inspiration from for your designs?

When it comes to inspiration, we’re total scavengers. You can probably see the many cultural references in our designs – sometimes multiple in one piece. And we’ve never believed in following trends for the sake of following trends. If something has any worth, it has the potential to look fashionable in any context.

What excites you most about the fashion industry?

We love dressing everyday people and helping them feel entirely comfortable about standing out from the crowd. It’s so heartening when someone tells us they wouldn’t usually wear a certain length, or a certain colour, or maybe a certain textile, yet they somehow manage to fall in love with a piece that breaks all those rules.

As far as our creative appetite goes, we’re always excited by the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded people in the industry. We’re still surprised and humbled when talented creatives are willing to work alongside us, or reach out to us for a collaboration.

What can we expect to see when your designs hit the runway at FASHFEST?

Too many mirror polish sequins, some futuristic chrome and metal accents – perhaps a few of our signature feathers!

Without getting too specific, we’ll also be paying lip service to a current political issue with one of our looks. We always try to bring drama to our runways, and sometimes the small details are what create the biggest impact.

What do you think you’ll love most about being at FASHFEST, since this is your first time?

We’re just grateful to be taking part in FASHFEST thanks to the amazing team at RAW who selected us to represent Melbourne alongside talented designers from Adelaide, Canberra and Perth.

Getting the chance to check out what the other designers are creating up close is always exciting, and it’s nice to appreciate the work they’ve put in to bringing their visions to life. We’re very keen to explore Canberra’s creative scene and check out the city too!

How long does it take to create your incredibly beautiful and detailed pieces?

That all depends on the specific piece. Some are quite simple and straight-forward silhouettes, while the more embroidery-heavy pieces can take weeks to complete. We do have a clear record holder though! A coat that was recently shortlisted as one of 36 finalists in the prestigious, international Hand & Lock embroidery competition literally took months to finish. It’s covered head-to-toe in embroidered mirrors. We thought we might get carpal tunnel syndrome at one point!

But hand detailing is always worth the time invested. We feel as though everything handmade is a small rebellion against fast fashion, mass production and disposable garments. We love it when our customers feel as though they own something which is entirely theirs.

Where you aim to take Bird Skin in the future?

We aim to be an exclusive, intimate couture brand who offer pieces that strike the right balance between wearability and awe-inspiring, high fashion design.

Bird Skin Fashfest 2017

Bird Skin Fashfest 2017

Bird Skin Fashfest 2017

Fashfest starts tomorrow night!! Don't worry though, there is stll time to grab tickets, head over to get yours now! x

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