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Mixing Vintage & New - 4 Tips For Op-Shopping

Working vintage into your wardrobe is the best way to ensure you don't get bored with your closet - you can update and replace for just a few dollars and will be supporting charity and recycling along the way. Here are my top 4 tips in op-shopping to help you mix vintage with new to get the most out of your wardrobe....

The Style Side Street Style

1. Stay true to your own style

Mixing vintage into your wardrobe does mean going wild on sequins, bold colours or quirky details, unless of course that is your style already in which case go mad! The main thing to keep in mind when shopping for pre-loved pieces is to treat it as though you are shopping in a normal retail store, only try on things you normal would and don't deviate from your taste. Of course have fun and experiment but if you wander too far off the track you will purchase things which do not style back well with your existing wardrobe and which you will not feel comfortable in.

The Style Side Street Style

2. Try before you buy

This is obvious but make it easier for yourself. No one enjoys the chaos of op-shop change rooms, the long line and limit of 5 items (umm hello, this is an op-shop, I have 26 items and I will be trying em all on thank you very much!). Wear something which will go with whatever you try on - basic black pant, tailored shorts or a simple tee etc, that way you can imagine how the pieces will work with your style without having to imagine it.

The Style Side Street Style

3. Balance

Balance all of the elements in your outfit - this means balancing a textural coast with a clean, simple piece such as dark denim or a white tee, balancing a loud piece with simple accessories such as classic black ray bans and balancing an oversized shape with form fitted pieces such as skinny jeans or a mini skirt.

The Style Side Street Style

4. Choose a Show Stopper

It is easy to purchase basics and endless one off's at vintage stores but the idea is to look for that one special piece or "show stopper". This is often a coat, dress or jumpsuit or a vintage tee; a solid, unique, beautiful item which you will hang onto forever and makes a bold vintage statement. There is no point buying anything run of the mill from an op-shop unless you are missing that basic from your wardrobe but chances are you are just doubling up. Keep your eyes out for the stand out items which will inject life into your wardrobe rather than be mistaken for a basic off a sale rack.

The Style Side Street Style


Jacket - Vintage

Skirt - Romwe

Boots - Lavish

Sunglasses - Ray Ban

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