Premium Denim with Bohemian Traders

Getting the most out of your basics is the difference between a wardrobe that works and a wardrobe that is full of wasted opportunity. The perfect cut, fabric and quality mean saving in the long run and building a closet that lasts. It has taken me some time to get this equation clear in my mind - less is more holds true no matter the season or style. Don't compromise on fit, fabric or cost - find beautiful, one off items that work for you and this includes basics. Doing this means the items will still be in your wardrobe years down the track rather than buying a bargain basic and throwing it away 6 months down the track. This rule does not only apply to big coats and evening dresses but to every single thing you purchase, so it is time to start considering exactly which basics are worth buying and which to avoid.

Bohemian Traders have just launched their new season drop featuring premium denims and beautiful summer basics. I harp on about quality linen daily (no really, ask any of my clients and they will tell you I mention linen about 10 times on a personal shopping trip!). I also have a serious weakness for denim cut offs. The denim short and white shirt is quintessential Aussie girl style and it pulls on my heart and my wallet year after year. Recently I have been looking for less but better when it comes to my Summer basics and this new Bohemian Traders range is PERFECTION!