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My 6 Week Transformation With Form Fitness

Six weeks ago I embarked on a body transformation with Form Fitness expecting to shed a few kilos, push myself out of my training rut and try something new.

Form Fitness is located in No Name Lane, Marcus Clarke Street in the Canberra City and the minute I arrived I could tell it was not a regular gym but rather a passion project which was clear from the moment I met Rachel and Michael and took a tour of their space. I’ve trained at lots of gyms over the years and even worked at one for a little while and something about this gym felt different. Often franchise gyms can feel generic, with the focus being on numbers through the door rather than on the individual. Form is the polar opposite to this, it feels like a community, which after one class I decided I totally, really, definitely wanted to be part of!

After discussing my goals with Rachel and Michael, I learned about how their style of training differs from others that I've done in the past and we spoke about my thoughts on the 6 Week challenge. I consider myself quite fit, I train at least 5 days a week and have been committed to my health as long as I can remember but I really wanted to throw myself into a 6 week challenge to push myself out of my comfort zone, further increase my strength and achieve a leaner frame similar to what I had a few years earlier. I set some goals and went along to get my body scan. It surprised me a little, mostly the number in kilos but then I factored in my muscles mass and overall I wasn’t too worried about it. I could see my love for Cider, the occasional pack of Malteasers and the odd cheese and cracker binge showing in the scan but overall I wasn't shocked. I believe in balance and decided that my main goal was to get fitter and stronger and I would see what I could achieve without ruining my life and the good times. Balance, balance, balance!

Life is an interesting ride and sometimes the timing of this ride can be so bad it is almost comical. The universe often gives us what we need rather than what we want. Here I was all amped up to throw myself into a physical challenge but life decided to throw me into an emotional challenge instead. The past 6 weeks have seen all kinds of thing happening for me, difficult things, exhausting things, life changing things. It has been overwhelming but it has been a blessing in disguise. I decided to hold off on the extreme body transformation and instead give my body, my soul and my mind some love and healing. I made the decision to throw myself into yoga and I am abundantly happy I made this decision: it has transformed not just my body but also my health as a whole. I have found myself reconnecting to my core (no gym pun intended hah), my values and my purpose. What began as a 6 week overhaul with intense training and nutrition became something else for me. 6 weeks later I can hand on heart say I feel completely transformed and I thank Form Fitness for this in so many ways.

This transformation is much bigger than the scales, the measurements and the PB's, it has changed the way I see my body and I am much kinder to myself. For me, Yoga has tied up the lose wires, connected the broken parts, taught me how to provide the things to myself that I need to feel peaceful. I am leaner and I feel stronger but in a more organic way, a balanced way. Excuse the cheesiness, but I feel more whole. I have been able to take the yoga practice from the gym and home with me, often doing yoga after I put my son to bed and want some time to switch off and stretch out my body. The feeling after doing yoga is absolute bliss, everything feels reset and I find myself looking forward to class all day.

Form offer a range of class times in Semi Private Personal Training sessions, where you get a personalised program to work on your fitness and body composition goals. They also have circuit classes and yoga and hold seminars on nutrition and achieving your fitness goals. Form is all about making long lasting positive changes through embracing a healthy lifestyle. The 6 Week challenge is a great way to kick start this journey and the results will motivate you to continue with a healthier lifestyle long term - there are body composition scans, seminars on nutrition, on-going support and a private Facebook group for members offering support, encouragement and the help you need to remain accountable and motivated.

To celebrate their 1st Birthday, Form have a special offer for new members '4 Weeks for the price of 1'! Get in quick or if the time isn't right, jump into their next 6 Week Transformation Challenge starting end of October! If you are looking for a supportive place to achieve your fitness goals, maintain a healthy lifestyle, make friends and transform your body, mind and soul, Form has it all.

A massive shout out to Rachel and Michael from Form Fitness for being patient with me through a crazy 6 weeks, for opening my eyes to the benefits of Yoga and for inspiring me with their incredible space and supportive fitness training.

Namastay' a member and loyal yoga devotee (insert prayer hand emoji hah)!


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