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Hoop Earrings - The Must Have For Spring

I knew the day would come and I thought I wouldn't be happy to see it, but here it is, and I am totally on board. Hoops are back and better than ever. Before you yell out "hell no, I don't want to walk straight onto a Jlo music video after finally walking off a good decade ago" hear me out. Hoop earrings have been reinvented, transformed from ott glam to relaxed chic. The elevation of this piece of jewellery has happened in an organic way - with extreme minimization taking over our wardrobes for season upon season, we are now looking for that easy item which injects some fun and individuality back into the mix without getting fussy. Enter the good old hoop, a perfect statement piece which can now shine all the brighter without the orange tan, mid-drift top and track pants in the frame. We are now pairing hoops with modern, chic and minimalist outfits to create a whole new style.

The fun of resurfacing trends is watching the evolution, the new sophistication or fun injected into a item as it is worn in a very different way.

So, how do we style hoops now...

Look for a smaller, thicker hoop than you once did. The key here is to make a statement with just the earrings and leave everything else simple. Try working in a detail such as roping on the hoop for maximum impact. Wear the hair in a loose bun to soften the look or go for a side swept style to counteract the big earrings with an effortless, don't care vibe. Embrace the look by going all out and adding a bandana (or a baker boy hat, my new favourite thing right now!). Keep the colours soft, work cream, soft yellow, orange and neutrals with gold or blues and whites with silver. I am preferring gold for this trend because it speaks a little louder, even though I am usually a silver girl.

Work fresh whites and denim into the look to keep it casual and "anti-glam" - this is the key to getting it right, avoid glamorous and go for effortless. Add some white sneakers and leather to toughen it up and you are good to d.

A good pair of hoops, or a few, is an affordable and fun way to update your style this Spring and if you have hoarder tendencies, you may already have some sitting in your jewellery box from years ago!


Jacket - Sir The Label

Jeans - Forever New

T-shirt - ASOS

Sneakers - Converse

Hoops - Vintage

Bandana - Vintage

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