Tried & Tested - My Skin Transformation at Laser Clinics

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

The advancements in skin treatments in recent years are quite amazing - there are all kinds of non invasive treatments available to us now which we never used to have access to. As someone without training in this area, it can be quite confusing to navigate the different treatment options and to ascertain which is the right one for you!

My first consultation with Laser Clinics in Canberra City provided me with the information and clarity to target the specific problems I struggle with when it comes to my skin and I booked in for two different treatments to kick start my skin transformation. My skin has been privy to some serious rays over the years...had my 6 year old self known that all those beach weekends and road trips around Australia (cheers mum and dad for an epic childhood btw) I would have been covered up, SPF 5000, wide brim hats and full body rashie suits...ok maybe not, I am a stylist after all and even my 6 year old self knew a rashie and wasn't going to cut it but I certainly would have taken more care. In the past couple of years the sun damage from the last three decades has really started to show. On top of this, years of sleepless nights after becoming a mum to one energetic, non sleeping child, I have lines, dryness and general dullness. Our lives truly do show on our faces, my constant smiling shows the most but that is another treatment for another day and something I don't actually mind wearing - the signs of a happy life should be applauded not hidden. Sun damage, however, not so much...


I was advised during my consultation that microdermabrasion is a great treatment to start with and instantly brightens the skin, smooths out the uneven surface and leaves a fresh layer of skin after removing all of the dead skin sitting on top of the face. The treatment felt like quick, soft scrapes followed by a short suction - not painful at all! My whole face was treated in less than ten minutes and following the appointment I was shown the dead skin which was removed. Yuk...but also, wow! Seeing the visual evidence of what was removed from my face was oddly satisfying . A cream was applied and then I was prepped for my next treatment.

Yellow LED

I had some glasses put on to block the light from my eyes and continued laying down as I had done for the previous treatment. A light was set up above my face and I was told it would stay on for 15 minutes. It felt warm but never got hot and I felt completely relaxed the entire time as the light flashed on one side, then the other, working it's magic on my skin. After the time was up I had another cream applied which tingled a little but didn't cause any pain and then I was all done. No after care. Nothing to worry about. Ready to walk out on the street without scaring any children. I was slightly red afterwards but nothing drastic at all and this quickly went away.

Results After Initial Treatment

Two hours afters after treatment - I took a photo of myself completely makeup free aside from a tinted lip gloss. My forehead is literally glowing, I can already see the amazing effects of the microdermabrasion treatment. I can't stop touching my face, it is ridiculously smooth. The LED treatment has already brought some of my freckles and pigmentation to the surface and over the next few days I am told this will continue until the pigmentation quite literally flakes off my face. There is still a little redness remaining but it has mostly gone away and my skin feels INCREDIBLE!

Results After Second Treatment

My skin is visibly glowing, I can see the light bounce off it in a way it never did before, almost as though I have highlighter on even when I don't. I feel much more comfortable wearing no foundation and when I do apply makeup the finish is so much better. My overall skin tone has improved too, less spots and uneven pigmentation. This is a light coverage foundation and my general makeup applied on brows, eyes and lips. My skin needs far less coverage now and my makeup holds on my face longer without all of that dead skin to contend with.

I am totally hooked on the post mircodermabrasion feeling and will be getting these treatments regularly now because I have literally never experienced this level of softness with my skin, it is AMAZING. The LED treatment has made such an improvement on my skin too and addressed issues underneath the top layer of my skin such as sun damage and inflammation. I am considering doing a couple more of these treatments because I am so happy with the results! I also feel more committed to taking care of my skin now because I want to keep my face looking this fresh. Who knew it was so easy to transform a dull, uneven complexion? I am a convert. Thank you Laser Clinics, you certainly haven't seen the last of me! x

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