White Lace & Textural Neutrals

There is nothing as classic, beautiful and fresh as white lace. Ever since I first rummaged through a fabric seconds box in a textile store as a little girl I have been drawn to lace. I have done some crazy things with lace over the years....I once dyed a dozen different lace fabric swatches pink and made a patchwork pink lace boob tube in fashion design class. It was...um, interesting! But I bloody loved that top because it was everything I loved at the time. I have worn lace tied around me neck, lace in my hair, lace gloves, lace bralette's...the list goes on. Needless to say, some things just speak to us visually and lace is one of those things for me.

This play suit by Blessed Are the Meek from Lock and Key Clothing was an instant yes for me...the sleeves, the colour, the tasseled drawstring, every detail is perfect; it caught my eye and stole my heart.