Styling The Off-Shoulder Trend

I work with lots of personal styling clients who think they can't wear certain trends and styles because they worry they won't "suit them". The off-sholder trend is one of these things- I hear loads of women worrying they need to be rail thin to wear this, they don't feel comfortable with their upper arms or it breaks their shape in half. The fact is, 99% of women can wear this trend, the thing to take into account is how deep the off-shoulder cut out is. A small, subtle one which exposes 5-10cm is perfect for those worrying about their upper arms. No one carries weight in their shoulder bones, it is generally a great a feminine, beautiful part of the body and this trend draws attention to this part. - it is a great way to show some skin without baring it all. There are styles which drop right down towards the elbow and these are for those who are completely comfortable with the trend and happy to show off more skin but it doesn't need to be worn this dramatically. Getting the colour and fabric right are also important in making this style work.

Blue is one of the only colours to disrupt my wardrobe regularly, usually in various shades of denim but blue sometimes appears elsewhere such as this off shoulder stripe cotton top. The off-shoulder trend has been going strong for a few seasons and I still can't get enough of it. It is simple but makes a big difference to any outfit, shows just enough skin and breaks up a large block of colour or tone. Find a top or dress you would wear anyway which also happens to be off-shoulder. There is no need to change your style just for this particular cut. Also, look for styles with the arms factored in, wearing one which needs to be pulled down to sit off the shoulders will always pop back up as you go about your day which gets sup