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Q&A With Canberra Style Market Founder Lynette Thompson

Canberra Style Market was born from a simple idea, brought to life after a conversation over coffee and is now developing into a large scale event. It will bring together the community and local businesses tying beauty, fashion, style and wellbeing together in a market setting.

The concept of Canberra Style Market has quickly blossomed into reality and the plans for this event are growing by the day. The market kicks off on October 7th just in time for racing and party season! I have been working alongside Lynette Thompson, the brains behind the business, to collaborate on the Style Workshop component to the event and to build this into a one-of-a-kind fashion event for the local community. After a few quick chats we very quickly realised we were on the same page with the vision of the event and it has been such a pleasure watching Lynette bring this concept to life. I can’t wait to be there on the day to witness what Lynette has achieved and I am super excited to present a Style Workshop during the markets! Stay tuned for more details if you are interested in attending the my Style Workshop, details coming soon!

Canberra Style Market

To find out more about Lynette’s vision for Canberra Style Market we decided to sit down for a little Q&A, a lot of coffee and a few laughs as our kids proved to us that children and meetings don’t always go to plan…(we both went home with coffee cups overflowing with acorns and sugar or “doughnuts” as we were told, cheers for that kids!).

Canberra Style Market

Lynette, tell me more about how the idea for Canberra Style Market first came to you? I have always loved markets. As a child, my Mum would take me to Trash n Treasure and I always looked forward to finding a treasure or two for some loose change. Occasionally, we would have a stall and I would sell my old toys to make some pocket money. From there I was hooked, and over the years I have visited all kinds of markets, all over the world, from Marrakech to Moruya.

It was actually at Moruya markets that the idea for this market was born, when I had my eyebrows threaded there by a local beautician. I was really impressed with the ease and efficiency of the whole process. You booked a time with her, then wandered around the market whilst waiting for your appointment. The treatment itself only took a few minutes and she was booked out all day. I just thought it was a really great way for her to promote her business and gain some new clients and it was also really convenient for her customers.

I started to think about all the other services that could be offered at a market – manicures, hair braiding, makeup. Why not even have workshops and classes on the side? I thought a personal styling workshop would be a perfect fit for a fashion market – you learn about what colours suit you, what silhouettes flatter your body type etc. then, with this information fresh in your mind, go shopping and make better choices about what to buy and what not to buy so that you actually wear your purchases and look great in them.

What were the initial steps you took to get the idea off the ground? I started to search for personal stylists in Canberra, I wanted to flag the idea with someone to gauge their interest. I serendipitously came across The Style Side and loved your website and articles. Luckily for me, you were keen to be involved and enthusiastic about the concept. Sometimes, it just takes a little encouragement from someone to give you the boost you need to take those initial steps and turn your ideas into reality. So thank you for that!

So the first step was to secure a venue. I wanted a space with some atmosphere, where I could also hold workshops. The Old Bus Depot building fit the brief and I love that it is so close to the Kingston foreshore and lake. Brunch, markets, walk around the lake anyone?

What can we expect at the first Canberra Style Market? It will be a fun-filled day, with so many beautiful products! There will be music and a chill-out area to indulge in some of the healthy food options, coffee or even a champagne. The first market is in the lead-up to Melbourne Cup, formal and party season so I really wanted to include everything you need for these events under one roof – including sourcing your complete outfit to finding a local expert for all your hair and beauty needs such as makeup, nails, tan, eyelashes etc.

There will also be ample, private change rooms – no tents, and full length mirrors provided, so you can confidently purchase your items knowing they fit and look great.

What types of businesses and stalls will be on offer? There will be a great mix of stall holders in the areas of fashion, beauty, health and wellbeing.

I have hand-picked a lot of the stall holders, not only from Canberra, but also some amazing designers and boutiques from surrounding regions such as Milton, the South Coast, Sydney and more.

There will be designers of fashion, jewellery, millinery, accessories; Providers of beauty products and services such as makeup, skin-care, hair braiding, nails, etc.; Health, fitness and wellbeing products, services and food; Fashion boutiques selling and hiring the latest labels as well as select ‘quality’ pre-loved stall holders by application only.

How does this differ from other fashion markets? I think the variety of stalls and the inclusion of beauty, health and wellbeing products and services makes this market unique. It will also be quite interactive, in that you will be able to obtain services on the day such as manicures, hair braiding etc and also participate in the workshops.

Finally, what special offers, events, foods etc will be part of this event? We will be drawing $50 vouchers throughout the day for lucky shoppers to spend at the market. There will be pre-booked workshops available to attend on personal style by The Style Side and other speakers to be confirmed on beauty and wellbeing. I’m also hoping to put on a fashion parade showcasing new season items for sale from stall holders (TBA on that one).

In relation to food, I’m looking to offer a selection of local, healthy produce both pre-packaged and freshly made, such as kombucha, cold pressed drinks, whole foods, organic, raw and gluten free options etc.

Canberra Style Market applications are now open! Jump on over to to secure your spot for a market stall.

For anyone else excited to come along to this event, make sure you follow Canberra Style Market on social media or subscribe via the website And keep your eyes out for offers, details, prizes and what to expect on the day!

Canberra Style Market

Canberra Style Market

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