Quick Guide To Short Girl Style

I have been dressing myself for, oh about, 27 years now (the first 4 years I will credit to my mum, I am not going to take those divine summer dresses, bright blue shoes and bowl cut hairdo away from her!) so I have spent a long time discovering a thing or two about styling for short girls. I am not tiny, but at 5'3 I am no model in the making. I remember for a long time wishing for more height, even just a few centimeters, but I have grown to love being a short girl. Age and experience are useful commodity's - we eventually learn it is a far more fulfilling road to embrace ourselves than fight the uphill battle of wishing to change.

When styling clients, I don't usually talk too much about height - I focus usually on shape, colour, texture and trends. But height certainly comes into play because styling is all about balance and height absolutely comes into this. Tall girls are often, though not always, easier to style because most clothes are designed and created for the classic "model" body. Added height helps to create long lines which makes styling easier. This is not always true but generally speaking, a shorter body comes with challenges such as cropping, tailoring and pinning to achieve balance. I believe there is no "right" or no "good" way to look, it is about comfort, confidence and radiating self acceptance. I also believe there is nothing wrong with employing a few style tips to create cohesion, a clean line and a sense of ease no matter the shape or person. My own journey towards embracing my body and enjoying dressing for it has been a gradual but rewarding process. Gone are the days of battling with what I have, getting dressed should not be a battle. I love being able to share my knowledge with others to see them find enjoyment through dressing for their shape and assisting them in having fun with fashion because that is what it is all about!