How Becoming A Mum Changed My Style

I loved being pregnant. The morning sickness aside (that was debilitating, horrifying, hell on earth), being pregnant was one of the best times in my life. Then bubs came along...I was completely unprepared for everything that new motherhood entails. In hindsight, I think this is inevitable. Nothing can prepare you for such a sudden life changing weight of responsibility, unimaginable joy, dark isolation, sleep deprivation and the realisation that your life will never be truly about you again. It is like being hit with a tone of bricks. It is beautiful, magnificent, scary, suffocating, difficult and soul altering.

My son is 4 now and I can proudly say I kind of half know what I am doing, which took a good few years. I felt like a fraud for a while, I had no idea what the fuck I was doing. Slowly though, it all started to make sense and I began to feel I was entitled to be called mummy. That process came with many changes, which I could write a whole book about (watch this space!) but being a stylist and fashion being a huge part of my identity, here are the ways motherhood changed my style because I believe the way we dress is a huge part of our identity and the arrival of a newborn can shake that up to the point you feel lost in the chaos.