South Coast Getaway - Currarong Beach

Despite it being near freezing outside, Winter is still a great time to get away and experience some fresh coastal air, good food, quiet beaches and undiscovered places. If you are lucky to get a weekend of sunshine, even in the middle of July, it is possible to pretend its kind of, almost, nearly, sort of, Summer.

Over the weekend I headed up the coast, rather than down, which is quite rare for me because my families beach house is in Catalina so I spend 90% of my weekends away hanging out there. They say change is as good as a holiday and after this weekend, I can say that change + a holiday = serious double bonus goodness. I am no stranger to Jervis Bay - it has been the backdrop for many family holidays over the years growing up and more recently it was my go-to holiday destination when I lived in Sydney. Since moving back to Canberra, it has been quite a while since I have visited and it was even more beautiful than I remember. Whether you are heading up the coast or down the coast, this part of the coast is worth visiting!