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What I Wore...& More Importantly, How Fashion Still Lights Me Up When Everything Feels Dark

Sunday was a day or up's and downs for me. I have had some things resurface from the past this week which I will go into further another day when I explain why I will be speaking at the Invincible She Young Women of Adversity event, but today I am looking out at the clear blue sky, thinking about the positive things in my life and enjoying some "creative me time" at home for the day while my son is at pre-school.

So the up's on Sunday...I went for brunch with a good friend who I have not seen in a long time. She has been incredibly supportive of me from the first day i met her and I have come to appreciate that more and more, as this is something I always aim do for others and something I believe in with every piece of my being. I believe we each owe one another endless support, props and encouragement. Fuck the tall poppy syndrome. Why should anyone ever be told they can't, shouldn't or won't do something they dream of doing? What purpose does it serve to cut someone down, or just as wrongly, receive silence on the end of the line from those around them regarding their goals and purpose in life? The tall poppy syndrome is so deeply ingrained in Australian culture that we often don't even realise that it is hurting us all, hurting our young people and hurting or potential. I love nothing more than cheering on from the sidelines when someone discovers or pursues their calling, even if it is odd to me, even if I have zero interest in their plans, the fact they have a dream and the passion to do something about that dream deserves admiration and respect. When I receive thus support from a friend and when I am giving it back, it fills me up completely. This friend is one of those people. She also knows I always ask for outfit photos and she also knows I will always return the favour hah!

The Style Side Street Style

The Style Side Street Style

I love a good duster coat and this one is a particular favourite due to the sleeve tie details. I knotted this knit to add some texture and shape to counteract the flowiness of the coat. These reflective sunglasses make the grey knit pop and are another addition to my insane sunglasses collection...we all have a thing right?!

These jeans are older than I would like to admit and have some serious holes but I damn well love them and will wear them until they are literally falling apart. Likewise with the boots, I know I am predictable and wear these 90% of the time but they are my ideal boot - comfortable, elongating, just enough heights and go with everything!

The Style Side Street Style

The Style Side Street Style

Sometimes I think what I enjoy most about fashion is the fact it is an accessible means to creativity for me and it offers me escapism in the most simple but beautiful way; it provides some light in a world which can be so often dark. No matter the situation I am dealing with, I always feel better after a browse through a vintage store, I am always comforted by organising my wardrobe and I get back in touch with myself by mixing fabric, colours and ideas together. I have been this way my whole life - the sense of calm and inspiration I get from fashion has always been a kind of elixir for me.

So here's to finding the thing that provides a little light when things feel dark, no matter what that is for you x


Coat - Miss Selfridge

Knit - Don't Ask Why

Jeans - Sportsgirl

Boots - Wittner

sunglasses - ASOS

Bag - MNG


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