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With advancements in technology changing the way in which we approach skincare, the new wave of products target a wide range of different skin problems in new and improved ways. Enter the multi masks! Most of us have combination skin and our issues range from dryness, pollution damage, skin sensitivity through to acne, pigmentation and oiliness.

Since turning 31 earlier this year I have noticed my skin changing dramatically - the signs of sun damage are beginning to show. I am seeing an increase in fine lines and overall a dullness which didn't exist before, my skin feels more uneven and pigmentation is darkening. Having my son 4 years ago was definitely the catalyst for my skin changing, it took a little while to show but slowly the signs of sleep deprivation, dehydration (hello way too much coffee and not taking time for myself!) and exhaustion began to set in. I am also a sun lover, living endless days at the beach since as a kid, my face has seen more than it's fair share of UV rays over the years.

My philosophy for skin is less is more and natural is best. The idea of coating my face with chemicals just doesn't make sense to me. I discovered natural skincare brand, Sukin, when my sister got me onto their products a few years ago. When I was offered the opportunity to road test Sukin's new multi mask, I jumped at the chance. Sukin ticks all my beauty boxes - I am obsessed with the gorgeous packaging, the product range is incredible and most importantly I love the fact the products are natural and the brand is environmentally ethical. Sukin's ethos is "Skincare that doesn’t cost the earth" which isn’t merely a commitment to affordable products, but also to the creation of beautiful skincare at minimal cost to our precious environment. If you ask me, that is something worth jumping on board with!

Day 1

The Multi-Mask comes in two tubs - the "Anti-Pollution Facial Masque" and the "Hydrating Facial Masque". The first one is for the t-zone and the second one is for the rest of the face.

Immediately after applying both masks my skin felt cool and calm. The Anti-Pollution Oil Balancing mask is thick and layers well onto the t-zone and the Hydrating Facial Mask is soft and gentle for the rest of the face. After 15 minutes the mask had set and I washed it off. My skin felt soft, clean and hydrated. I moisturized and applied my makeup shortly after and could see the glow shining through. My skin felt rejuvenated with added sheen and the finish of my makeup was noticeably smoother.

Day 7

Repeating the process again, I felt the same coolness on my skin - almost as though it was distressing and calming my face. I tend to have sensitive skin but 6 days after the first application and on repeating the mask, my skin has not shown any signs of sensitivity. The texture of my skin has improved and the tired "dullness" seems to be going away. I am finding my makeup sitting better and an overall improvement in my skin quality. It feels softer, smoother and any inflammation is noticeably calmed. Best of all, I look forward to the process of the multi-mask, it is easy to apply, it feels like a cool and relaxing on my face and the peace of mind that I am putting only natural ingreidients on my skin is unbeatable.

I will be continuing my routine with Sukin going forward and am excited to see the long term benefits on my skin. I am completely sold on the Sukin range - the new Paw Paw Ointment is my new lip go-to product, it has a different consistency than most lip balms - it feels less oily and holds better on the lips than any other paw paw products I have tried. The gorgeous packaging is an added bonus too! I am also hooked on the cleanser because the pump bottle makes it super easy to use, even when I am tired and almost can't be bothered washing off my makeup, this cleanser makes me want to do the right thing every night ha. The consistency is spot on, it feels fresh and cleans all my makeup off without striping my skins natural oils or leaving my face feeling tight.

If you are considering stepping up your skincare going into Winter, the multi-masque is a great option to add to your routine. As the temperature drops, we spend more time inside with heaters blasting and the oil balance in our skin gets out of whack, it makes sense to take a multi faceted approach when taking care of your face. I will be doing a check in a few months from now tracking the changes in my skin over time, so stay tuned! x

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