Moving House? How To Pack & Move Your Wardrobe

Moving house is difficult at the best of times - I know this all too well having moved cities and apartments over 9 times in the last 12 years. I have packed up endless rooms, bursting at the seams (pun intended) so many times that I now have a good system worked out to ensure the process doesn't turn to chaos. In a couple of months I am set to pack up yet again and move into a bigger place, which means a big thumbs up for more wardrobe space but a big thumbs down for all the packing coming up! Luckily I have discovered, through trial and error, the best ways to pack clothes to ensure nothing is damaged, everything is compacted down and the move goes as easily as possible.

Everyone has their ‘thing’ when it comes to fashion. Maybe your closet is bursting with shoes, or you just can’t resist a new handbag. Maybe you own more yoga pants than jeans, or have a wardrobe lined with dresses. Even if clothing and accessories aren’t your thing, odds are you still have a good deal of stuff to shift. If you are thinking about moving house, facing a room full of clothes and items can be a quite daunting. We tend to think of the kitchen as the danger zone - with so much to be packed - but a bedroom can take just as much time. Everyone knows that wrapping your crockery badly might leave you with a load of broken plates at the other end, however packing clothing without care can equally ruin your wardrobe.


Before you even begin packing, this is a great time to do some sorting and de-cluttering. A good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t worn it for a year, throw it out! Obviously this doesn’t apply to sentimental garments like wedding dresses or your grandmother's vintage hand-me-downs but it’s important to remove the things you don’t wear anymore to save time and start fresh in your new place. A good wardrobe is based around quality not quantity so make the decision to go lightly into your move and get rid of as much of your old stuff as you can.

Pack Smart

Most closets could do with a bit of a spring clean so this is also a good time to think about how you will move things in a clever and compact way. organise your clothing. You want to try and make use of every spare inch, and there a few great ways to achieve this. A classic space saving move is to stuff your underwear into your shoes, fill your jewellery into tackle boxes or pack your handbags up accessories before packing the bag itself. Not only will this save you space but it gives a bit of a buffer against the bag being crushed or the items inside being broken. Hangers can be lined up in groups of 10-20 and rubber banded on each end to keep them together.

Reduce It All Down

If you are packing a lot of clothing, a few vacuum pack bags are an amazing investment. You can jump or sit on that pile as much as you like, but it will never be quite as efficient as an air tight vacuum bag plus they are easy to use and can be utilized for storage once you settle into your new place. The space saving potential is incredible - just don’t pack the vacuum cleaner before you get to these!

Avoid Damage

Try and pack your light colours together as some dyes will transfer if in contact for too long, especially onto whites or delicates. This can be particularly bad if you need to store your boxes anywhere damp for any period of time. This rule applies to lace, embellished fabrics and silks too. Take care with these items because one mark or fabric catch and they are ruined forever.

If you are a shoe enthusiast, you may very well have held onto the appropriate boxes and you probably wouldn’t dream of transporting them any other way. But if space is short, or you don’t hold onto packaging, it’s best to pack shoes in among harder wearing clothing. Partly because a whole box of shoes is pretty heavy, but also you won’t want them to scuff against each other in transit.

Hire The Right Boxes

And just one final, and possibly obvious, tip. It can be tempting to simply pack clothing in bags, however, getting some good quality boxes will make your life easier. Not only will they keep your clothing free from harm, but they are actually a lot easier to move around and can be easily labelled to avoid losing track of anything. Hire A Box are a great place to source moving boxes and they have a team of expert movers on hand so you know your much loved items will be looked after- they supply quality, easy to assemble moving boxes which will keep all your things in good condition. They also service Australia wide so you won’t have any trouble finding someone to help move all of your most precious possessions into your new place!

Moving house is a ton of work and can be quite emotional too. There is something exciting, liberating and fun about starting over in a new space. Use moving house as an opportunity for a fresh start and get rid of the things you don’t need but most importantly, take great care of the things you love that you are bringing with you.

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