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As a stylist, I spend hours upon hours updating and organising my wardrobe, from colour coding, style blocking and folding techniques through to displaying my favourite pieces and using only wooden hangers. A little visual OCD, yes, but given that my job involves styling and overhauling wardrobes, it is second nature to me and I maintain this process both at home and when working with clients.

Here is my confession. I have completely let me makeup storage slide. My little rule lately has been "if it is in a drawer then it doesn't matter". This is mainly due to the fact I have been insanely busy the last few months and have been away most weekends since Summer began so I have not bothered to properly unpack each time. I have been making do with the chaos but...enough is enough. I no longer want to rummage for hours looking for the shade of lip stick I am after and I no longer want to have endless boxes of makeup I rarely use stuffed into drawers wasting space. I stumbled across The Makeup Box Shop a couple of weeks ago and was inspired to get my makeup sorted once and for all.

When I received my parcel from The Makeup Box Shop I was all kinds of excited and spent the morning cleaning and sorting out my makeup. Check out the mess before hand (no judgement!) and take a look at the after pics - need I say more!


I have been rotating makeup bags and boxes...and seriously need to throw half of this out. This is only half of what I have and it is a mess!! I have old lip glosses, a million lip sticks, BB creams, foundation bottles and palettes of varying shades and sizes all jumbled together. The fact I probably use only 1/8 of this is even more reason why I need a good clean out. I don't actually wear loads of makeup, some days I wear none, but when I do wear it I stick to the same handful of products and only deviate when I am going to an event or having fun with lip shades. As a trained makeup artist, I have a makeup kit filled with products and so I like to keep my day to day simple so in truth, the majority of this stuff needs to be chucked out!


I love, love, love the display of my makeup now and having such beautiful storage means I only want to display and keep the things that are visually appealing, in regular use and are in good condition.

The marble range goes perfectly with my minimalist interior style and the lip shades look amazing lined together in the mirrored box. The range of storage products are super practical but also look great and I am totally sold!

The Makeup Box Shop have thought of everything! There are so many options to choose from and the styles include antique, marble, mirror and perspex. There are trays, brush holders, lipstick organisers, the list goes on - they have literally thought of everything. The best part is you can buy a whole range which matches and turn your bathroom or dressing table into a work of art.

I can't stop looking at my makeup now and I feel excited about using my makeup again after spending so many months living out of a messy makeup bag. I am already planning on adding more storage pieces to my collection! Head over to The Makeup Box Shop to check out their amazing range!

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