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The Denim Dress

There is nothing more comfortable, versatile and fresh than a denim dress. The styling options are endless, in the right wash it goes with just about everything - silver and gold, heels and sneakers, a tote or a clutch, a topknot or beach waves. I wore this old favourite to a friend’s birthday dinner last week and felt comfortable, relaxed and completely like myself which is an outfit win on every count.

My Anarchy Street jewellery collection is coming along nicely – I love their range because they offer simple, cool options in silver and gold which are affordable yet high quality (most pieces are sterling silver) so I can keep it on in the shower and ocean which is perfect for my mermaid lifestyle hah. For 20% off Anarchy Street, you can use my code upon checkout: KIMBERLEY20.

This clutch is vintage and I adore the ribbed texture and simplicity – it goes with just about every evening look imaginable. The shoes are Sportsgirl and not particularly dressy which I love because being a flats girl at heart, I never feel quite right heading for a midweek dinner in towering heels.

Finding the right denim dress is all about texture, cut and details. Look for a soft denim in a slightly oversized cut with interesting details - rolled sleeve fastenings and pockets are always an added bonus! A slight rise on the side seams lengthens the leg and a V-neck line flatters the bust. A mid wash blue suits most skin tones and keeps the look Summery and fresh.


Dress Sportsgirl

Clutch - Vintage

Shoes - Sportsgirl

Jewellery - Anarchy Street

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