9 Things To Do Before Setting New Years Goals

Eat whatever the damn hell you want

That "new year, new body" can wait. Enjoy the one you have, right here, right now. The "self improvement movement" sells us the notion we are not ok as we are, that there is always work to be done. That is madness. We are perfect, right now, as we are. We are incredible without change or manipulation, we are magnificent without progress, addition or reduction. Whether you feel like another drink, you are craving those leftover Christmas chocolates or dying for some beer battered chips by the ocean, go for it. One bad meal and one indulgent day, or week for that matter, does not ruin you or make you any less of a beautiful person.

Switch off - spend 24 or 48 hours offline

Leave your phone in another room, switch your mind off and slow down. Watch TV without continuously checking your notifications, leave the computer closed and go to sleep without your phone beside the bed. So many of us have forgotten what it feels like to be in the moment, there is always that niggling sense of "I wonder if I have a text...I should check my email..." etc. I am so guilty of this and before I get back into work and reality comes calling, I am going to switch off and have a technology detox. There is nothing more soul cleansing than being entirely engaged and absorbed in the present.

Try a new form of exercise

As a professed gym junkie, I have been hitting the gym almost daily for years. I have also found myself doing the same workouts for way too long without much variation, mainly because I know what I like and so I simply stick to it. For the last couple of weeks I have stopped pressuring myself and barely set foot in the gym. I have been enjoyed walking, running and playing outdoor, relaxed summer sport. It has been nice to spend a couple of weeks out of the gym, as unfamiliar as that notion feels for me and despite a few moments of guilt, my body is thanking me for the change. I feel lighter (maybe only emotionally hah), cleaner and calmer.

Sometimes exercise should come in the form of straight up fun; playing, mucking around and being a big kid kicking a ball or splashing in the surf.

Wear your "one day" piece

Everyone has an item in their wardrobe which is put aside for "one day" - something too dressy, too ridiculous or too wild to make it off the hanger. Go grab that piece, put it on, don't give it a second thought and walk out the door. Fashion should be fun. Gather the confidence to rock the things you love. Be the crazy one, the game changer, the risk taker even if only for a single day. Life is short, embrace your individuality and inject some colour, light and difference into the world.

Order a new cocktail

While Espresso Martini's are my usual cocktail of choice, there is nothing like trying something new, especially where drinks are concerned. Pick the weirdest cocktail combination on the menu and treat your taste buds.

Spend a day with your mum, dad or a family member and enjoy every minute of their company

This needs no explaining. Family is the most precious gift but often the most taken for granted. Make the effort. Spend the time.

Watch old re-run's

Hello Sex and The City. It's been quite a few years since my last binge (it would have most definitely been during a break up...SATC has seen me through quite a few heartbreaks over the years). I am about ready to allow Carrie back into my life, along with the glorious fashion and lessons from my favourite girl gang.

Reflect, write, review

Writing is the best way to gain clarity. Whether a list, a letter, a blog post or an attempt at a novel, putting things down on paper makes ideas come to life and helps us to stay in touch with who we under all the haze of day to day living. Write about your feelings, the things you learned over the past year, your achievements and your ideas.

Thank the people who made your 2016 special

Thank your colleagues, your boss, your family, your friends, the businesses who have supported you or the connections you have made. Too often people shy away from over the top expressions of gratitude or emotion but no one ever suffers for a compliment. Send a text, make a phone call or post a card.

My thankyou's for 2016 go to my son for being my best buddy and giving me a million reasons to laugh every day, my boyfriend for supporting me in chasing my passions, my mum and dad for being the adventurous, quirky, kind and loving individuals they are, my sibilings for being the best friends I will ever have, the women I have met and collaborated with over the past 12 months and the people who inspire me but don't even know it.

Happy New Year all, I hope you stop to enjoy the moment and wait a few days before getting stuck into goals and resolutions. Be still. Be present and have some f'ing fun x

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