Things I'm Loving This Month

Whether it is a recipe, product, a piece of clothing or a newly discovered travel destination, I have decided to do a regular 'Things I'm Loving This Month' post. I always enjoy a little glimpse into other peoples lives and in an effort to be more personal with my blog, I hope this feature gives you a bit of a snapshot into what works for me, what I can't live without and what inspires me.

This month has been a busy one, with the end of the year fast approaching I have found myself craving peace and simplicity; the joy of back to basics living. I have been focusing on being comfortable, both in my skin, my clothing choices and my environment. I have been consciously working on celebrating my natural self and loving myself just the way I am, without feeling guilty for eating something indulgent or without wishing to be taller, thinner, more this or more that. I have been slowing down a little bit because I tend to live 100 miles an hour, I talk fast, eat fast, run fast...I have forgotten what it feels like to just STOP and live. This month has been all about nature, health and stopping to smell the roses.

Vintage Levi's

I accidentally discovered the amazingness of vintage Levi's when I borrowed a pair from my sister on my last visit to Manly. I fell instantly in love - the fit, the worn in feel, the length, the wash, it was ticks all round. I have since purchased about 5 pairs and each is slightly different which is the beauty of vintage. I particularly like the slightly longer cut I find with Levi's - I don't like shorts that are too short...ok not true, I love them, I just don't feel comfortable showing that much leg. My One Teaspoon bandits are my all time favourites but they are teeny tiny and so I usually reserve them for the beach. I find my vintage Levi's on Ebay usually, a quick search brings up heaps of options or if you are really lucky you will find a pair at the markets or an op-shop.

Pastel Grey Nails

I go in stages with nail colours, sometimes I love brights but other times I feel its just too much. I have discovered my perfect shade for every occasion - a lilac grey colour which goes with absolutely everything. It is OPI in shade "I Am What I Am".

Avocado Smoothie

I first got on the avocado smoothie bandwagon after reading about Kourtney Kardashian's unexpected recipe. I usually find my green smoothies leave me feeling full in the tummy but still hungry....I don't know how that works but I guess it comes down to the large volume filling my tummy which is actually just liquid and doesn't totally satisfy. My Nutribullet has been sitting on the sidelines now because I have switched my liquid based smoothie for a thicker, creamy avocado based version which I create in a food processor.

Here is the recipe:

1/2 avocado

1/3 soft banana

1/2 cup coconut milk or almond milk

Handful of berries

Serve warm or cold. Voila! Full for hours.


I hit the gym almost every day without fail, sometimes twice a day! I am trying to ease up a little but I am so hooked on the feeling of moving, pushing through the pain and being physical that I need it every day or I find I go a bit nuts. I have been this way for years and even more so since I became a mum. My only real 'me time' is the hour I am working out and it means the world to me.

I have been noticing recently I am feeling a bit strung out, exhausted and more prone to aches and pains so I have been trying to treat my body to some gentle movement rather than opting for intense training every session. I have been dedicating the last 20 minutes of my gym sessions purely to stretching and have also been trying to stretch for 15 minutes before bed. While doing this I am trying to calm my mind which is something I struggle with as I am so high energy.

I never experienced anxiety regularly until I became a mum. Now, no matter what I am doing, I find myself losing touch with the present - my mind drifts and I worry... about everything, about nothing, it is constant. Stretching is a good way for me to slow down and focus on the moment so making this conscious effort seems to be working and I am going to try to commit to this even more so as the new year rolls in. My goal is to increase my flexibility back to what it was in my gymnast days, probably unlikely but I want to be able to do the splits again and feel as free, bendy and youthful as I once did!

Escaping To Nature

I was raised to be adventurous and seek happiness, comfort and answers in nature. Sometimes I wish I lived more in the natural world and whenever I get away I remember how important it is, to feel the soul cleansing fresh air, taste the delicious quiet and witness the changing light on the mountains or ocean. I need that realness, I depend on that beauty. I have been making more time to get away and experience the pure magic of the living, natural world. There is nothing better for the heart and soul than a good dose of nature and adventure. I have been exploring places from my childhood and been taking my son on adventures to rivers, mountains, windy roads, hidden beaches.

I have been loving drives up the mountains, waterfalls, creeks, rivers and unknown beaches. The destination doesn't really matter, the best part of getting there and being out exploring. That feeling is pure magic.

I hope your all having a great December and managing to find some peace in the chaos. There is no better time to step back and focus on what is important, make time for the things that are good for the soul, and enjoy a little bit of the things you love x

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