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Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Getting on board the feathered brow train was not a decision I made lightly - 'semi permanent' is enough to scare most of us when it comes to beauty. Big commitments take big guts. My apprehension was eased after conducting a lot of research, chatting with other women about the procedure and assessing the gains over the risk. To have perfectly shaped brows without lifting a finger, or in beauty speak, pencil, brow brush or tool of magic, was just too temping to pass up.

I contacted Lahnne from Cobalt Canberra after a recommendation and then bumped into her at the hairdresser prior to my appointment. I instantly had thoughts of thought 'yep, this girls is my kinda person' - Lahnne is natural, friendly, open and just straight up pure nice. With a week to go until my appointment I did some final research and was surprised to find out how far from 'tattooing' microblading, or feathering, really is. The main difference between microblading and tattooing is how deep the ink sinks into the skin - Microblading sinks in only a few layers deep whereas tattooing goes much deeper - making it permanent, heavy and quite obvious. As the name suggests, the blade used for feathering is so small it allows for super thin strokes which mimic the look of a natural brow hair.

During my consultation Lahnne discussed the procedure in depth with me. We picked a shape I was happy with and Lahnne explained the initial procedure and also the 'adjustment appointment' 6-8 weeks afterwards in which she would refine the brows and correct any issues with colour, fading or shape. Then it was time to get started.

The Procedure

- first a numbing cream is applied to the brows and covered with Glad-wrap

- after the numbing cream takes effect, the brows are drawn on, measured and perfected. This process can take up to 45 minutes as its super important the brows match and work with the face

- the shape is reviewed by the client and once approved, the numbing cream is wiped clean

- the microblading begins and takes about 30-40 minutes to complete

- brows are covered in a moisture barrier cream and the after care is discussed

-an adjustment appointment is booked for 6-8 weeks time

The Pain Factor

With the numbing cream reducing the sensation, the pain isn't too bad but it definite isn't comfortable. At times there is some pain, it feels like deep scratching but it is manageable and over relatively quickly. On my adjustment session I went without the numbing cream and found it quite painful but after the anesthetic was applied into the procedure it was fine and I could hardly felt it in certain areas. As with most things when it comes to beauty, the pain is usually worth it.

The Healing

Don't be afraid of the intense, dark brows you will be sporting when you walk out the door. Over the next few days your brows will become lighter and lighter before some flaking occurs which is all part of the dealing process. I went straight to a wedding following my appointment and was ultra conscious of my new brows because they felt so dark and thick but it was really only a matter of not being used to it - looking back at photos from the event they looked fine!

First Appointment Results

My brows are fuller, have a better shape and following the healing process they have faded out to a very natural colour and look. I was quite conscious of them for the first week or so but as I had been reassured, they would fade out. I identified the issues for correction for the adjustment procedure after they had completely healed - a bit more fullness in one brow on the top and some more strokes to bring the brows closer together by a couple of millimeters. Overall I was incredibly happy with the results after the first appointment.

Second Appointment Results

The brows look quite dark and heavy immediately following the appointment similar to the first appointment but slightly less intense. The fine strokes ensure the brows look natural and blend in with the natural brow. The colour is spot on, I have a much better shape and the best thing of all is that my brows finally match!

The Verdict

I could not be happier with my brows. The difference between my brows has always irritated me and while it is true that 'brows are sisters not twins', they are much more similar now and this has balanced my face and made my makeup routine so much faster. I still fill in my brows if I am going out but the fact I don't NEED to is so liberating. Lahnne is one talented girl and Cobalt Canberra is the place to go for Brows. She regularly has clients visit from interstate because honestly, she is that good!

If you have over plucked your brows over the years or you are simply looking for a better shape, feathered brows are absolutely the way to go. Good brows lift the eyes and make a huge difference to the overall structure of the face. Lasting up to 18 months, it is well worth it!

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