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My Lash Extension Experience

Lash extensions are not exactly new to the beauty industry but the mainstreaming of this once relatively unheard of service has opened the doors to new technology and a refinement in the process. I have been considering lash extensions for a while, mainly because I am preferring a less-is-more approach to beauty and also because, honestly, I just can't be bothered with mascara every day the way I once used to. Being a mum has dramatically changed my morning routine, I no longer have time for the little things I used to. This shift has brought with it some blessings, forcing me to simplify and I truly believe basic is best when it comes to beauty and, in general. The idea of having lashes ready to roll the minute I wake up sounds almost too good to be true but worth investigating.

When looking around for a lash technician I wanted to be sure I was in good hands. Dubbed 'Canberra's Lash Queen' Hope Irving is the talented woman behind Lash Suite 42, the name which I heard mentioned repeatedly by those in the know. One look through Lash Suite 42's Instagram was the clincher - it was clear this girl knew her stuff.

Lash Suite 42 is based at Hope's home salon and I felt instantly at ease walking into her studio space. The thought of someone working so closely on my eyes has always given me the freaks but I instantly trusted Hope to take good care of me and lashes.


The Process

Hope explained the lashes she would be applying and why - looking closely at my lashes she established the curve angle, length and fullness to determine the right fit. Opting for the Russian C lashes she advised me to lay back and relax while she got started. Initially it felt strange having my eyes closed with the pads underneath. I had to fight the urge to open my eyes but soon got used to the feeling. Being a lengthy process I decided to relax and try to have some switch off time while Hope worked her magic.

The glue which bonds the individual lashes cures incredibly quickly but the process is a good 2-2.5 hours due to the application - every natural lash has an extension applied which comprises of a fan of lashes. This creates fullness and balance.

During the process I spoke with Hope about her business and journey into lashes. She explained that she studied beauty therapy and initially went into business as 'Beauty By Hope' before deciding to hone in on her passion, lashes. She has since mastered this niche service and she is now one of Canberra's go-to technicians for lash extensions. Due to demand she is looking at expanding in the near future.

The Results

Eventually hope removed the eye pads and handed me a mirror. I was 'wowed'. My lashes looked full, long, soft and completely suited my eye shape. Like getting a great haircut or new shoes, I felt that shiny, new feeling; fresh, revived and excited. With a few coastal breaks planned over the next month and some big events coming up I am looking forward to having longer, fuller lashes without resorting to layers of mascara. This is obviously the main benefit to Lash Extensions - the instant pretty minus the prep time.

Hope is incredibly talented, her attention to detail shows in her work. What struck me the most about Hope was her friendliness and down-to-earth nature - I felt completely comfortable chatting with her, almost like catching up with a good friend. This made the whole process fun and enjoyable; the time flew by and I before I knew it 3 hours had passed by. I am already looking forward to my infills appointment and can't wait to enjoy the next few weeks of longer, fuller, thicker lashes without a moment of messy mascara madness or curling wands.

I think lash extensions may well be my new holiday essential. What a difference! My eyes look brighter, the lashes feel soft and look naturally fuller and longer. I am hooked. With a full set lasting as long as I like, with regular infill appointments to maintain fullness and shape, this set of lash extensions will see me through a few beach breaks, Fashfest and an upcoming wedding. I am sold!

Now time for that holiday...


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