Want To Become A Stylist?

Fashion styling schools and courses are popping up everywhere - the interest in styling as a career has never been stronger and it is easy to see why. Working as a stylist is a creative, exciting job in a rapidly expanding industry. I have been down many avenues on my journey pursuing styling, finding some doors open and others firmly jammed shut. I quickly discovered becoming a successful stylist meant a hell of a lot of climbing. I walked step after step, passion in my pockets, drive in my heart, to the level where I could comfortably say 'wow, I am earning a living doing what I love'. I often thought I would never get to that point, it almost felt like a revelation to arrive there because it was such a big dream for me which seemed unrelated to reality. It felt a bit like magic and in many respects it still does, possibly because I have not taken the easy road both in life and in my career!