Fashion Careers Seminar Recap

Yesterday afternoon I kicked off my Fashion Careers, Blogging & Business Workshop alongside my lovely co-host Jemma Mrdak. It was incredible to present to a room surrounded of creative Canberra women who are already well on their way to achieving their dreams!

I spoke about my own journey in fashion, the many ups and downs, the sidetracks and different industries I have explored along the way. I discussed my love for fashion being the constant through out all my different jobs, re-locations and studies, explaining that no matter what I done I have found myself constantly returning to my love for fashion.

The main points I detailed from my own journey were...

1. You can't ignore your passion, it will float to the surface again and again reminding you what you truly want out of life - you need to listen to your instinct and trust it

2. You need the balls to turn your passion into a career, chasing your dreams means hard work and often sacrifice

3. Confidence and motivation are essential to all success, you have to back yourself before anyone else will!

I covered industry roles, the pro's and con's depending upon different personality types and goals. We then discussed branding, how to be cohesive and consistent; delivering a single message or recognizable image. Drawing on a few examples I explained the difference between company branding and personal branding, with the digital sphere changing the way business branding and marketing operates.

We then had an afternoon tea break and a good chat - there is something incredibly inspiring about being surrounded by a group of passionate, driven and creative women. I always love a good chat about fashion wins and fails (namely my sons Whiney The Poo crocs and someone's boyfriend whose style went from not-so-cool to on point just from spending so much time with his style loving girlfriend....maybe one day my son will find such a lady hah!).

Jemma then took the floor and went into detail on blogging and social media management. Jemma founded a very successful blog, A Stylish Moment, and it was fantastic to hear all of her blogging tips - I found myself learning things from her which I hadn't considered for my own blog. She then talked about social media, with her recently launched social media management business, Dak & Co, Jemma is an expert in this field and she had some incredible insights to share.

The points that really stuck with me were...

1. You can't please everyone, post content that you believe in because you can't make everyone happy so don't even try, just be you!

2. Look around, get out and explore the world - this opens you up creatively. Put the phone down and open your eyes, be part of the world or you will miss what is happening around you. I love this flip on what we would expect from an approach to effective social media, get your head out of your phone to develop better content and inspire creativity.

Seminar Hosts - Jemma Mrdak & myself

I then finished up with business skills, from writing a business plan, sourcing capital, monetizing a passion, effective marketing and business structure. We talked about the difference between operating as a sole trader vs as a company, whether to offer a product or service and how to get around the initial start up costs when launching a business.

Amy Robinson, Jemma Mrdak, myself, Sarah P & Michaela Da Costa

All in all it was a great afternoon spent with lovely and inspiring women, there is so much creative talent in Canberra and I can't wait to see where everyone's journeys take them!

Thank you to all who came along, thanks to Jemma Mrdak for co-hosting, Amy Robinson for photographing the day, Josie my editor from Out In Canberra for covering the event, Kelly from Headquarters Deakin for working her magic on my hair and The Flower Bar for the beautiful flowers! x

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