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Break The Rules This Season

With a change in season just around the corner it is the perfect time to get creative, embrace all things new and start colouring outside the lines. Some style rules are valuable and important while others are archaic, boring and constrictive. As the days warm up why not discard the classic style rules along with those wintery layers and insecurities; individuality is the new kid on the block and it’s time we all got acquainted.

Dress For Your Shape...

Obviously dressing for one’s shape can be important but don’t ignore the heart’s desire and forgo an amazing outfit because it doesn't ‘suit’ an hourglass, pear or apple body type. Love it? Wear it! Life is short - that oversized shirt may well add ten pounds, but what the heck, it looks effortlessly cool and fresh. Isn't that the point of fashion, ultimate ease and freedom to be oneself every day?

Oversized Shirt

Oversized Coat

Don't mix prints…

Look no further than Gucci's recent runway show with debut of Alessandro Michel as newly appointed creative director. Taking the fashion world by surprise, Alessandro delivered a visual McFlurry; a confectionery-like blend of prints and textures - sweet delight not witnessed since Galliano’s time at Dior. It was ‘geek chic’ supreme, and in defiance of logic and reason, it worked. Embrace the crazy clashes, hit the op shops and go wild.

Mixed print style

Mixed print style

Show off your best asset…

Sometimes this rule eliminates the fun of style exploration and can become an identity prison. Style isn't about simply showing our 'best side'. If it were we would dress the same way repetitively to ensure we looked as good as possible at all times. Getting dressed isn't about perfection it's about fun. Be fearless in fashion, leave ‘perfect’ behind next time you head out.

Oversized style

Oversized style

Wear appropriate footwear…

Does teaming sneakers with a dress seem odd? Maybe…but it is the new way to embrace style and comfort. Grab for the trusty Converse and your favourite dress, walk out the door and realise it is possible to look stylish and be able to come home without the need for a foot massage… although, if anyone is offering, pretend you left your heels at work because your feet hurt so much, you absolutely do need that foot massage after all!

Skirt and sneakers

Dress and sneakers

Before leaving the house take one thing off...

These famous words uttered by none other than Coco Chanel are a great guide in chaos avoidance but also, forgive me Chanel devotees (myself included) for saying this, limited and dull. More can be more and it can be fantastic. Layer, build, play, push the limits. Re -live the childhood years, play dress ups and enjoy the fun of fabric, colour and character. Go on…rules were made to be broken.

Eclectic style

Eclectic style

Images sourced from Pinterest

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