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This week is off to a busy start, finalising content for my Fashion Careers, Blogging & Business Seminar, Fashfest tickets going on sale and my first beauty product review coming up!

Fashion Careers, Blogging & Business Seminar

With this new week and moving forward, I am gearing up for my Fashion Careers, Blogging & Business Seminar on Saturday the 27th. I am so thrilled to meet everyone who is coming along and share my business knowledge and insider info on the Fashion Industry. My greatest passion is business and helping others build a vision - throw an idea my way and a few minutes later I have a branding strategy, marketing ideas, customer connection process, business name and profit plan in place. My friends and family can verify this, in fact I think they probably find it annoying! I have lunched various businesses over the last decade, not all in fashion, but I have always come back to the industry I am most passionate about. Understanding business basics is fundmental to success in all avenues, especially in fashion where there is so much compeition and things are changing so rapidly.

I am incredibly excited to have the talented and successful Jemma Mrdak guest speaking at the seminar. Jemma has worlds of knowledge on blogging and social media, with her blog A Stylish Moment filled with tips on blogging, content, styling and tech know-how. She is the founder of Dak & Co - a social media management agency, which is growing rapidly with lots of exciting projects in the works. Jemma will provide tutorials on setting up a successful blog, how to monetize a passion, tech skills and building a strong, loyal following,

Don't miss out, this seminar is not to be missed! Click here for more info!


Fashfest tickets are now available! This year Fashfest will run over 3 nights and includes some incredible local and national designers, musicians and creatives. Click here to purchase your tickets now!

I will be running a 3 part Meet The Designers Series in the lead up to the event featuring Q&A' alongside editorial shoots in some of the garments. This sneak peek will showcase some of what we can expect to see on the runway, so stay tuned!

Olaplex Review

My first beauty product trial is finally happening and I am really, ridiculously excited. Tomorrow I will be trialing Olaplex at Headquarters in Deakin. Olaplex conditions and improves the hair structure, it is essentially a hair bonder which repairs the broken links in dry, damaged hair. I am super excited to see the results, my hair has been balayaged for the last 4 or so years and needs some serious help!

Hope everyone is having a great week, it's hard not to be inspired with the days warming up and Spring just around the corner. Bring on those sunny days x

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