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Fashion Careers, Blogging & Small Business Seminar

I am incredibly excited to bring a Fashion Careers, Blogging & Business Seminar to Canberra. This 1/2 day conference will be educational as well as inspiring!

Are you looking to enter the fashion industry?

Do you want to build a blog or do you see yourself working in fashion but not sure how to get started or what avenue to pursue?

Have you always had a creative passion or hobby that you want to build on but not sure what steps to take to achieve this?

Do you want to secure an internship or work experience but stuck as to how to get your foot in the door?

Do you have a business idea but no idea how to turn it into a reality?


Kimberley Sara Fashion Stylist Canberra

Kimberley Sara

Founder of styling business & blog, The Style Side.

Style Contributor for Out In Canberra,

Kimberley will be sharing in depth industry knowledge gained from 10 plus years in the industry, from working as in senior retail management, visual merchandising, freelance styling, editorial styling, business management and blogging. She will be providing lessons in starting out in the industry, small business management, personal branding, securing internships and gaining experience, fashion writing, portfolio creation, networking and career progression.

Jemma Mrdak

Jemma has worlds of knowledge when it comes to blogging, social media and the tech know-how. She will be providing incredible tips, tricks and insider info on building a successful blog, working with brands, creating a strong following, content relevance and social media management.


Come along to The Style Side's Fashion Business & Blogging Workshop to gain the skills to start achieving your dreams! Learn all about the fashion industry, the blogging world, what is required to start a small business and how to begin developing yourself in the industry.

You will...

*receive in depth lessons from Kimberley Sara in freelance styling, business management, retail management, small business start up skills and how-to guides on personal branding, marketing, creative direction, port folio creation and entrepreneurial motivation.

*receive step-by-step tutorials from Jemma Mrdak in blog creation, tech skills, social media strategy, building a strong following and creating cohesive and relevant content.

If you have an interest in styling, design, fashion, creating, business and blogging and are looking to break into the fashion industry take the first step! Come along to this not to be missed event and equip yourself with the knowledge, skills and connections to begin the next chapter in your career.

Early bird tickets available now, get in quick! For tickets click here or stay tuned to Instagram and Facebook for the chance to win a double pass over the next 7 days!

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