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5 Products Worth The Price

Keeping up to date with the newest, latest and greatest in makeup and beauty doesn't have to mean spending through the roof but some products are worth the price tag, such as a good primer, quality hair care, a quality lipstick and great skincare. Sometimes it is perfectly ok to veer towards budget beauty brands, it's all about knowing your products. Often the affordable beauty brands deliver the same quality and result as the well marketed, big names in the biz but sometimes the more you spend the longer the product lasts and the product adds some beauty to your handbag/bathroom/life.

There is nothing worse than trying a new, expensive product and being left disappointed with an open, nonrefundable bottle hanging around in the bathroom reminding you of your very overpriced error.

5 products worth every penny...

Beauty Products

Wella Luxe Hair Oil

This product has been a long time favourite since it was recommended to me by my previous hairdresser from my time living in Sydney, Dario Salon (oh how I miss thee!). The scent takes me back to Darlinghurst, killing time in the city, beautiful lunches with good friends, coffee's in little lane ways and what was, all in all, a magical time in my life. My personal memories and nostalgia aside, it smells divine and adds gloss to hair without weighing it down. The bottle lasts forever and looks beautiful on the bathroom sink. Incredible hair product + gorgeous scent + pretty packaging = winner!

Wella Luxe Oil

Nars Eyeshadow Palette

This duo shade palette is great, the shimmer factor is just right and the colours are subtle but still unique. The pink and rich violet compliment one another really beautifully. I wear this mostly for night but the soft pink works well for day when blended with browns and corks. A quality shadow is worth the price tag because it blends well, is pigment rich and stays put for hours. I particularly love the design of the compact, it's travel friendly, streamline and the matte black look is very now. Nars know how to package!

Nars Eyeshadow

Napoleon Perdis Bronzing Primer

An Australian beauty favourite, Napoleon Perdis primer is a consistent best seller - it's effective and quite reasonably priced considering the size. The classic Napoleon primer has always been a winner and this bronze variation is no exception. It lays a wonderful, natural warm shimmer prior to foundation application, giving life and glow to the skin.

Napoleon Perdis Primer

Issey Miyake L'eau D'Issey Moisturiser

Issey Miyake has been my go-to scent for years for it's fresh, light and memorable notes - it is summer in a bottle. This product came as part of a gift pack and works as a base to enhance the perfume throughout the day. The crem is easily absorbed and smells incredible and again, the packaging is perfection. White always works.

Issey Miyake

Nars Audacious Lipstick - Greta

My all time favourite lip stick range by Nars is worth every penny. This "Greta" shade was gifted to me and I am obsessed! The colour packs a punch, the formula is soft and long-wear with a hint of gloss. Nars always gets the details spot on, with the embedded branding in the lipstick, it's the little things that make something feel special.

Nars Lipstick

When it comes to makeup I always look for reviews and advice before purchasing - I have made too many costly mistakes buying before trying and researching. Stay tuned for the "product of the week review" page which will feature a detailed weekly review on a new product or treatment, helping you avoid the gamble of switching brands and trying something new x


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