The New Neutral - Dusty Pink

Neutrals are the building block for styling; the blank canvas for creativity and concept to dance upon. Shades of beige, bone, camel and taupe are classic, clean and elegant. As a self confessed black-a-holic, neutrals assist in breaking up my wardrobe, pops of colour however, are rare. There are no fluro, primary or rainbow skeletons in my closet. I reserve colour for bright lip shades, sky blue denim, lilies on my desk and post it notes. When whites, greys and the full spectrum of neutrals are clogging up your laundry and your Insta feed, it is time to explore new hues.

It was evident at MBFW2016 that a new neutral player is scoring goals on the fashion fields. Welcome team dusty pink. This colour tells stories varied and vast, it is reminiscent of a pretty Parisian postcard, a Californian road trip, a quiet ballet rehearsal room or a cloudy winter sunset. Dusty pink offers a divine subtlety that, when paired with the right shade of denim or a crisp white tee, works oh so well. There is something about the way light plays with the soft, muted tones, it is romantic, quiet, luxurious. It was no happy coincidence Patricia Field created a sea of pink in the final season of Sex & The City , as we bid farewell to Carrie we were left with lasting memories of layers upon layers of pink tulle, snowflakes, the city of lights and, most importantly, love.

Styling dusty pink is all about downplaying the girlishness and sticking to a complimentary colour palette. Here are three ways to wear pink as the new neutral...

Layered Under Overalls

The overalls counteract this feminine, understated top to make the look fun and playful, with a California girl vibe. While not ideal for Winter, this can be interpreted into a long sleeve style. The light blue denim compliments the pink and creates a beautiful cohesion, with the silk contrasting against the denim to create texture and variation.

The Faux Fur Coat

A white tee is the perfect base for this look, providing the laid back edge to the excessive fabric and volume of the fur. This vintage coat is one of my all time favourites, the cropped sleeves and pockets tone down the overall look and it styles so well with black denim or leather. Keep jewellery to a minimum and stick to a basic boot or heel to extend the body as flats will look clumpy with this much volume on top.

The Cropped Jacket

This little jacket hasn't seen the light of day in years but it's something I have never wanted to part with. I love the structure of the slightly padded shoulder against the relaxed, waterfall style. This colour works paired back with grey. Style with a visible lace bralette and ring stacks.

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