The New Neutral - Dusty Pink

Neutrals are the building block for styling; the blank canvas for creativity and concept to dance upon. Shades of beige, bone, camel and taupe are classic, clean and elegant. As a self confessed black-a-holic, neutrals assist in breaking up my wardrobe, pops of colour however, are rare. There are no fluro, primary or rainbow skeletons in my closet. I reserve colour for bright lip shades, sky blue denim, lilies on my desk and post it notes. When whites, greys and the full spectrum of neutrals are clogging up your laundry and your Insta feed, it is time to explore new hues.

It was evident at MBFW2016 that a new neutral player is scoring goals on the fashion fields. Welcome team dusty pink. This colour tells stories varied and vast, it is reminis