Old Meets New- Trend Update

The fashion cycle is a roller coaster of old/new/old/new, as we see past decades reinvented season after season. The 90's and 70's references of the last couple of years is shifting into the early 2000's which might take some adjusting because while the turn of the century hit 16 years ago, it still somehow feels like only yesterday. As we anticipate re-visiting the early 2000's, we are seeing some old, old, old looks in the mix and I hope they stick around. Perhaps the next big thing in fashion will be a blend between brand new and centuries old. Corset's with boyfriend shirts, tick - Christine Centenera's Vogue cover of Kim Kardashian West. Tailored Coats with Chunky Platforms, tick - the hottest combo at Paris Fashion Week 2016 with Celine platforms reigning supreme in the street style stakes. This blend of new and old has obviously been done before and will be done again, but such a dramatic gap between decades and era's feels revolutionary. Early 2000's crossed with early 20th Century....what a beautiful kind of craziness that could be!