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Bag, Borrow, Buy | How To Make The Season Transition

So you don't want to go on a shopping spree, at least until tax return time, but your not sure where to begin with your wardrobe transition, which means it is time to get creative. Winter asks a lot from us (especially in freezing little Canberra), we need to stay warm, we want to remain stylish, we are required to be prepared for any weather because it's minus 3 degrees walking into work then a toasty 25 degrees in the over heated office. We want to stay current without spending a fortune and be classic without slipping into 50 shades of grey...cardigans, that is. This can seem costly, challenging and a difficult balancing act between comfort, individuality and style.

If you open your wardrobe and feel uninspired, under stocked or under prepared for the chilly months ahead consider some alternative's to the big spend.


Hide away all the summer pieces you cannot possibly work into Winter. Once you have cleared out and bagged up the summer items in storage you can assess what you own and begin to mentally style outfit options with what you actually have. This might be a long process. Some "Summer" pieces actually extend to Winter with the right styling. A pair of shorts over tights is perfect in winter. a maxi dress under a faux fur coat or leather jacket is a great example of creative winter dressing. A shoe string strap over a skivvy or long sleeve top is an on trend nod to the 90's and a shorter dress with an overcoat or trench is a great option. Think outside the box when bagging clothes away, ask yourself can you wear something in a new way to take it through to Winter. Crazy is cool, mix it up, pair things together that might make no sense initially but once styled, work wonders. Store away everything that doesn't make the cut - anything hailing back to the beach, the pool or the festival, store store store.

Styling options for Winter utilizing typically Summer pieces.

Maja Wyh

Maxi Dress

Leather Style



Friends (the good ones) probably love your clothes as much as you do or more. Someone else's closet can be somehow much more exciting than our own. Utilize this, host a clothes swap party where you either borrow clothes from one another with a return date/next get together or rid yourself of things you no longer love and acquire some fun, new items to keep. It's a win win situation and a great reason to get together with your friends.



Buy...guilt free.

One Word: Vintage! Summer can be difficult when it comes to hitting the op-shops - a dress needs to fit well and quality tee's, blouses and tops are hard to come by among the racks of Supre singlets. Winter, however, is a different story. There is no greater place to score faux fur, cable knits, oversized jumpers, poncho's and knits than an op-shop. Of all my favourite winter coats, I'd say 80% are vintage. Look first at colour - nudes, greys, blacks and deep maroons are classic shades that hold season after season. Look second for size, often the bigger the better when it comes to knits or alternatively a small skivvy can be perfect as a cropped option paired back with high waisted denim. Avoid pilling, nylon, polyester or anything overly embellished.

Vintage Styling Options - cable knits, ponchos, faux furs & coats.

Cable Knit


Faux Fur

Faux Fur

Faux Fur

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