Leather & Lace

Leather is the most versatile wardrobe essential, second only to denim when it comes to wearability and cost per wear. Leather is always worth the investment, it works season after season no matter the trends, it is as much at home on a road trip as it is at a cocktail bar. Leather has just enough edge to toughen up an otherwise girly look, while remaining chic, put together and polished. Contrasting leather and lace is the easiest way to create visual balance and make a statement, in short it's a match made in heaven.

I have been collecting lace as long as I can remember. Whenever I enter a store, the first thing I gravitate towards is lace no matter the season, style or store visual merchandising. I then immediately imagine what leather piece I can work back with the lace to make it pop. I source most of my lace in op-shops, it's usually easy to find gorgeous lace in a vintage store a