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How To Style A Home Office Space

Styling a home office is all about maximising space, maintaining cohesion with the rest of the home and balancing functionality with personality. Retaining a sense of organisation in an often chaotic home (in my case battling floors littered with toy cars, crayon on the walls and cookie crumbs that magically appear no matter how many times I clean) makes it all the more important to have a space to work that is clean, visually appealing and peaceful. I treat my home office space as a sacred "me" zone - it is always freshly styled, organised and filled with my favourite things. The wall acts as my inspiration board and the desk is a display area for my fresh flowers, magazines and to-do lists.

Styling a home office or desk space can be fun and inspiring. Working in a beautiful space and being immersed by visual inspiration helps with focus, creativity and motivation.

Go Vintage

This vase, corner table and oil burner are all from markets and op-shops. There

is no need to go for new, this all cost under $40 and I love the emotional connection

of pre-loved and refurbished elements.

Vintage Vase

Choose a Colour Palette

Choose a base colour. I always work with white as a base then include accents of

black and regularly mix up the colour scheme with decorative details. Flowers

generally set the tone and detail options, then it is a matter of adding pops of colour

to compliment this which can be anything from cards, photo frames, candles or

coffee cups. Change this up regularly as you collect things and evolve, it can be as

simple as the magazine cover on top of the stack, a mirror on the wall or a gift you love.

Home Office Style

Select Imagery

Order your own prints rather than collecting scraps from magazines and

publications so your surrounded by images that that represent your business, brand

or creative direction. I use Picture Postie. Always order the same size and style

so your pictures are not only inspiring to you creatively but have a design element

and decorative symmetry.

Wall Prints

Smart Storage

The only items you need to see on your desk are things that are visually appealing

or important reminders. Everything else can go in drawers, boxes or folders.

Use storage boxes in the same colour but varying sizes to store paperwork and

bills then stack them in an accessible place. Keep pens and anything small

and fiddly in a divider drawer - only display the absolute essentials. Target have

a great range of monochromatic storage boxes.

Storage Boxes

Select Stationery

Stick to one colour or brand so everything matches. I always like to use black or grey

for pens, notebooks, diaries and folders. This notebook came with my Vogue Magazine

and luckily matched my colour scheme perfectly. I love the Leather Personal Planner

by Kiki K, it fits everything and is beautifully designed.


Get Creative

Styling an office space is a great opportunity to connect with your goals, figure out what

your brand is and stay focused. The details and imagery you choose to surround

yourself with is a vital tool to retain your sense of self and to stay reminded of

what you aspire to be.

Fresh Flowers

Office Style

Office Style


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