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Statement Silver

The Silver vs Gold battle has no clear winner on the fashion field, it comes down to the individual - the jewellery we wear is perhaps the most personal style choice we regularly make. Jewellery combines history, beauty, sentiment, value, energy and desire. Bold or understated, vintage or contemporary, the stories told by the shiny embellishments we choose are deeply meaningful no matter the cut, colour, clarity or shape.

Silver, for me, speaks the loudest to my soul. Silver represents the ocean, my sisters, my first "Best Friends" necklace in grade 4, sneaking through my mums jewellery box while the little ballerina danced, gumball machine tantrums at the mall as a child. Silver is clean, elegant, subtle, fresh. Silver is the woman who doesn't scream to be noticed. Silver is Calvin Klein. Silver is Kate Moss. Silver is minimalism. Silver is pure. Silver is everything I love about fashion.

Statment Silver Necklace

Statement Necklace



Silver Jewellery


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