1 Piece, 3 Ways - Trans-Seasonal Style

The transition between seasons presents a few style challenges, as the weather can vary wildly and you find yourself lost somewhere between coats and swimsuits. How do you bridge the gap between beanies, scarfs and coats and short shorts, floaty dresses and rompers? The key lies in investing in quality wardrobe basics, natural fabrics and a muted colour palette to ensure you have piedes on hand which can pair well with just about anything you already own.

For wardrobe basics which ensure longevity and wearability through out the seasons, look no further than MUJI. Created with a vision to produce simple, low cost, high quality goods, MUJI'S extensive product range offers of over 7000 items including household goods, food and clothing. Everything produced by MUJI is well considered, versatile, aesthetically cohesive and high quality including their apparel ranges.