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The Style School

Have you ever wondered why some people have “style” and manage to be memorable, defined and unique in the way they dress but it is hard to pin point why? That magic ‘something something’ which translates to “wow, they look amazing” is not only attainable, but also a whole lot of fun! YOU can be that person. By signing up to The Style School you will gain industry expertise delivered over 6 modules to ensure you walk away from the 2 week course with an in depth understanding of body shape, colour theory, style direction, curating a wardrobe and mastering the art of being well dressed.

THE STYLE SCHOOL - 14 Days to Style Success

Module 1. Unlock Your Unique Style Identity

The first step of your style journey is discovering your style identity, and I am here to hold your hand and help you discover it. Trying to dress well without a clear style identity is like trying to design a house without any plans, or make a cake with no recipe – it doesn’t work! Figure this step out and you are well on your way to being the best dressed version of yourself every single day.


Module 2. Discover Your Colour Season

We are all born with a unique mix of tones, with varied depths, contrasts and shades. Someone, once upon a time, decided we all fit into the 4 seasons – Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn. This is determined by whether we have warm or cool skin tones, the depth of our hair colour and the contrast between our features. Once we understand which colour season we fit into, suddenly we have a tone of information on which tones to wear and which to avoid. Understanding your colour season is super important and means the difference between a wardrobe that works and one that falls flat.


Module 3. Dress for Your Body Shape

If I hear one more person say “ I can’t wear that I am too fat” or I “wish I had longer legs, or a flatter stomach or a perkier butt” etc etc, I am going to cry into my soy cappuccino. Listen up lovelies, you need to change not a thing about yourself to dress with confidence. What you need to do is work with your body, love your body, dress it comfortably and rather than resistance, embrace. Embracing a shape and dressing it with love and understanding is the key. Trying to manipulate, squeeze, change, resist is doing a world of damage to your sense of self, your confidence and your style! Learn what your shape is and discover how to dress for it, and watch yourself begin to shine in a whole new way.


Module 4. How To Create a Capsule Wardrobe

This is where all of the previous modules come together and you begin to create the core wardrobe which will comprise of the right pieces for your lifestyle, your style identity, your colour season and your shape. YOU deserve a wardrobe which you love, which suits you, which makes you feel proud of who you are and confident when you leave the house. Building a wardrobe which loves you back will change your whole life. Let’s do this!

Module 5. How to Shop Smarter

 Ahhhh trends, those pesky (or fun depending on your wallet and mood) changeable cogs in the fashion wheel. Think of trends like ice cream, the cherry on top, but overdo it and you feel a little sick. Trends can inject life in to your wardrobe but jumping on every single one, going broke and feeling as though you can’t keep up are very unhealthy by products of buying too much…um products. Having said that, trends are not all bad and allow us to try new things and remind us not to take fashion to seriously. Receive an exclusive break down of the trends ahead for the season and determine which ones to embrace and which to leave behind depending on your style identity, colour season and body shape.

Module 6: Celebrate YOU!

What is still if not a celebration of self? The final module of the Style School Masterclass is about bringing together all that you have learned and executing your new style direction, as well as celebrating how far you have come on your style journey in just 6 short weeks. Be ready to unveil the new you, fall in love with your wardrobe, implement your action plan and enjoy a live online meet with me over a glass of bubbly, or a cup of tea, to celebrate the amazing person you are!



It has been so interesting to read the information and understand about pulling outfits together.

This has been a fantastic experience and something I should have done years ago!


Thank you again for helping me strip back

my wardrobe it feels so nice to have done a cull of things that I have loved at one point in time but don’t necessarily need to hold on to! This has completely changed how I shop!


Thank you so much! I am so happy with what you have put together. It’s exactly what I was after.